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I have stayed in the Crowne Plaza Grand Rapids – Airport hotel many times, since it is situated within my home airport. It isn’t as nice as a few of the Crowne Plaza hotels I have stayed in, although it is one of the better airport terminal hotels in GRR for the purchase price, and the shuttle service is dependable. If any questions are acquired by you concerning this property, please ask!

I received usage of the club lounge, although I did so not receive a guestroom at the top floor. ONCE I asked about this, the agent said that there were no guestrooms on the top floor. This hotel had not been very full at the time of our stay (it is almost always less than half full each time I have stayed here), so I am not sure why she said this. It didn’t matter much really, since I did not remember the club floor guestrooms having any better amenities than the standard guestrooms. One reason I prefer the top membership floor, is because I often listen to guests overhead when staying in hotels.

I didn’t experience that in this hotel. Because the club lounge had not been open during most of my stays in this hotel, I asked if the lounge would most probably at night. The agent didn’t know, and after she checked with someone else, both employees yes said, although the changing times they provided were incorrect.

The agent didn’t recognize my status, and she didn’t tell me I’d get access to the lounge actually. This was implied after I inquired about the club floor and lounge when she provided my key packet. In the afternoon or evening I’ve never had the same employee check me in while i arrive, so I guess that accounts for the inconsistency at check-in.

When I depart for the airport terminal early each day, the same male employee that is at this hotel for a long time is usually working. I love it once i visit a familiar face at locations I repeated, because that makes me convenient with the business’ personality. This guestroom is on the third floor, and the balcony faces the back courtyard.

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It has a connecting room door, which I was worried about initially. The guestroom next to us must have been empty, or the guest was very quiet, because we did not hear any noise nearby. There were loud guests in a guestroom down the hall extremely, and we could hear their TV blaring every right time we left the room.

Fortunately, this is significantly enough away from our guestroom. The bed was comfortable, and we were happy that guestroom had a couch instead using one chair. There were not so many outlets in the guestroom. I had fashioned to unplug one of the lights on the nightstand, to be able to plug in my cell phone when we visited bed.

I could have plugged in my telephone on the table; however, I wanted it next to the bed since we were utilizing the security alarm feature for an early on morning flight the very next day. The bathroom vanity where the espresso was provided was not very spacious. A single-serve coffeemaker and items were provided, and the coffee quality was good.

I brought liquid creamer from the club lounge back again to the room for my espresso in the morning. That night There was not anyone in the pool area when we used it. Water was warm, and there are plenty of seats in this area. There were lounge chairs around the pool, and one table with chairs between your whirlpool tub and the pool.

Additional desks and seats were located on a level a few steps up. The pool is an indoor/outdoor pool, and we’ve stayed at this hotel in the summertime when the exterior area is open, although the tiki hut hasn’t been open up during any of our remains. There were only two other guests in the lounge when we visited, and there were no guests in the lounge once i returned to get liquid creamer for the guestroom coffee. Each guest was allowed one complimentary alcoholic beverage. Domestic beer, and red and white wines was offered. Food items included chicken BBQ with buns, fresh dip and vegetables, and dessert.