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Many weeks ago, in the responses section of my weekly flight news email, I needed talked about that with Emirates getting the A 380 into the Toronto market, major ramifications are in store for most airlines but also for Aircraft Airways mainly. Please note these observations and theories are of my very own.

Do feel free to write back with your give food to back and ‘constructive’ criticism. 100-150 more expensive than 9W, EY, AF, BA and KL, they still get travellers up to speed their plane tickets who do not brain paying a little premium to see their up to speed product. For the IATA Summer 09 season, 3 airlines in particular have announced major development plans for his or her respective flights to Toronto.

Already EK’s development has been outlined above; the other 2 airlines are Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines. June 1st 2009 onwards So in retrospect effective, a combined total of 1329 seats are being added by these 3 carriers combined weekly which is almost as much capacity that 9W offers out of Toronto on the weekly basis!

EK’s Summer 2009 special A 380 chair sale fares effect on the market? Couple of weeks back, EK released into the market its special chair sale fares for the shoulder (June 1-17) and high season (June 18-Aug 31) which has really bamboozled the market due to its attractiveness. 1590 all fees inclusive which too in another of their highest inventories such as W and E classes.

Finding chairs in this inventory class should not be a huge problem and people will be ready to pay to soar EK to experience the A 380 more now with such a great deal on offer. You will find other airlines who’ve turn out with cheaper fares to India specifically in June-July but in their most affordable inventory which is very difficult to get hence making it virtually useless as time flies by. 9W in YYZ is intensely dependant on passengers bound to BOM and DEL filling their plane tickets from YYZ.

They also get a decent amount of 5th freedom traffic on the YYZ-BRU-YYZ sector in addition to a good chunk of the market destined to MAA. However, their market share to key interior points in India such as AMD, COK, TRV, BLR, HYD, ATQ, CCU is limited in comparison to EK in particular. Think about Air India as a threat to 9W? Could all this business lead to 9W possibly having to suspend Toronto? All these factors combined could lead to 9W having no choice but to suspend YYZ bound flights within a year’s time because the route might not be commercially and financially viable to use particularly in this lean financial time.

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One other main factor that everyone should think about is 9W’s usage of “capital funding” and its own company portfolio of being a “privately owned company”. Unfortunately for 9W, its direct competitors on this path i.e. EK/EY/TK/AI likes this form of immunity, security and financial clout that it generally does not have as it’s not just a government managed entity.

Eventually, 9W’s lenders will be pressurizing the flight to get its take action together by initiating an intensive restructuring of its international path network by suspending or reducing plane tickets to metropolitan areas that suffer loss of the size able magnitude. The end result is this, to/from YYZ to India, 9W offers nothing unique because of its travellers from its brand reputation and good in-flight product/service apart. It is like everyone else offering “one stop” flight options to BOM/DEL/MAA. It must look at diversifying its passenger portfolio foundation by targetting passengers destined to SIN, KUL and BKK more aggressively from YYZ via BRU/INDIA as the connections on offer are very good.

200-400 even although distance flown is practically the same. They ought to look at how successful EY specifically has been in the past 2 years getting travellers from YYZ bound to BKK/SIN/KUL. Diversification allows them to be less influenced by one main market portion to fill the flight and only through using a number of “cards” is there a good chance here! This is why EK has been so successful in YYZ more than any Arab or Indian sub continent air travel!