Chili Verde, TARGETED AT Lowest-carb

My grandfather (whose family remaining Texas in a protected wagon in 1904 to head to California!) acquired two meals he specialized in, and one was Chili Verde. Not just some pork plus some tomatillos and a wimpy california anaheim chili, but a KNOCK YER SOCKS OFF mix of chile peppers and pork. Looking back, I’m uncertain why botchilism didn’t kill us all, but he would make a gigantic sized pot from it on the stove, and it could literally sit there and simmer on lowest fire for DAYS. Everybody in the extended family would at some point drop by and also have some.

I have many fond thoughts of the stuff, and I didn’t think of it being “low-carb-able” until I saw the formula. Granted, I cannot have the best homemade flour tortillas to go along with it (primarily used to cool the fireplace of it in the mouth area) but that’s okay. I don’t much like pork, — bacon either, spicy sausage, which, that’s it.

I detest ‘ham’. However the meat is so good in this! If you want SPICY FOOD and meats, I wager you’ll like this. I first found the recipe here, although this is only one version (there are extensive I’ve found on the web). Traditional chili verde is actually a thick stew.

However I wanted something super-heavy on the meat, so it would be suprisingly low carb, still with this amazing taste and temperature yet, so that’s what this recipe is geared for. It really is basically a plate of supersoft spicy meats chunks with a bit of ‘sauce’ that is in the bowl which i spoon over ’em this is the beer, onions, peppers and spices all prepared jointly. About 5-7 lbs of pork loin, chopped into bite-size chunks. A couple of two ‘grades’ of this, one half the price tag on the other.

The cheaper is just fine. This cooks a lot that whenever I’ve combined them, I cannot tell the diff anyway. The cheaper version has a complete lot of extra fat; we cut most the fat off the outside of ours first but it’s your option. 8oz of beverage and 8oz of drinking water (we use Foster’s lager.

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You can flavor the beer if you are using more than about 12 oz from it. If it’s Fosters, that’s not a bad thing (I dislike ale, but I don’t brain the malt/hops ‘influence’ on this), but if you’re using cheap beverage I’d dilute it! About 1/2- 2 cups of coursely chopped onion. We used around a glass last time. Green onion has fewer carbs than regular if you care, but we used a white onion last time.

About 1.5-2.5 mugs of cut hot and nice peppers; chop them about how big is the onions. We used about 2-2.5 cups last time. About 12-14 fresh tomatillos. Chop them about the scale the vegetables were done by you. These are the small mexican green-tomatos which come in a ‘husk’ in the store.

One can (I neglect size. Just add a few more tomatillos no sauce Additionally, or use more of the sauce and fewer fresh tomatillos, or simply forget the sauce, it’s your decision. We like the spice of the canned stuff but the freshness of the true vegetables. 4oz can diced green chilis. Dice the pork into small bite-size parts.