Do Project Managers Need In-Depth Business Or Industry Knowledge? 1

Do Project Managers Need In-Depth Business Or Industry Knowledge?

Many people think that for a task manager to be successful, they need to have not only good project management skills and experience but also earlier experience of the business area or industry where they will work. This view is so common because they have often probably, in the past, simply progressed from one role within an organization into a project management role in the same company.

But do project managers who’ve reached their current role in this way have any better success when compared to an officially trained professional? Or do they find it difficult to remove themselves from observing the project at an in depth level because they understand the business in-depth but are then avoided from viewing the project from a wider perspective.

It can in fact be a drawback to get too mixed up in the detail of individual duties and activities. Then increase yours and the project team’s potential for success by ensuring you document who possesses the project, who the stakeholders are and what requirements shall define its success. And also make sure you establish a proper communication strategy and that the reporting is grasped by you requirements. Then you can get started with planning and running the project actually, handling and assessing the risks and creating a solid change management process. And, before you begin, do not forget to ensure that enough budget, time, and people have been allocated so that the project is at least feasible at the outset.

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  • 7 Step Model
  • A low overhead and startup cost
  • Working capital for a project includes investment in fixed assets
  • “Wishing won’t keep you safe. Safety will.”

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