Beauty And The Beast (2019) Review 1

Beauty And The Beast (2019) Review

We’ve known for quite some time that Hollywood, more often than not, has gone out of new ideas completely. Every few years, one studio or another will have the “brilliant” idea to reboot, refresh, re-imagine, re-treat, etc. a film from days gone by. Keep reading this review to learn. I strive to keep my movie reviews spoiler-free, but really, you’ve probably seen this movie before so I’m not going to bother speaking too much about the story here.

While it’s not just a shot-for-shot remake of the 1991 cartoon feature, it’s quite darn close. There are several additions to the complete tale that fills up a few holes left in the original, which are valued. Otherwise, the film faithfully retells the story plot of Belle as she deals with the Stockholm Syndrome in 1700’s France.

Belle and Maurice before their Beast troubles. The main solid did a good job really. Emma Watson was, of course, an incredible Belle, Kevin Kline fit properly as her somewhat eccentric father, Maurice. Luke Evans successfully portrays the correct degree of bravado and swagger to pull off Gaston, while Josh Gad’s LeFou is an excellent yin to Gaston’s yang.

The entire outcry over this portrayal of LeFou is absolutely very silly, but that’s a story for another time. Dan Stevens’ Beast was mainly pretty good, though much like most CGI characters, Beast’s movement was kind of candy, and he suffered from some unusual re-sizing throughout. In some certain areas, Belle appeared to come up to the Beast’s chin, while in other areas he seemed at least a foot or two taller. From additional CGI misses Aside, the Beast portrayal was good.

I could have preferred a more useful design here but what we got was at least acceptable. All of those other castle personnel – Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, etc. – looked good in their CGI getup, though some of the type movement was so fast it tended to blur a bit into the largely CGI history. Lumiere and Chip here were the worst offenders, particularly Lumiere who was constantly around operating and jumping.

The ensemble and staying human solid were all outfitted appropriately for the period of time, and nobody appeared out of place. The visuals overall were quite good really, though, with breathtaking landscapes, appropriate housing, effective costumes, and detailed set pieces. Last, but not least absolutely, is the singing. That is a movie where you know a few of the tunes by center probably, and this music remains largely true to their origins. The handful of new songs fit the style, mood, and characteristics of the movie, and definitely add rather than detract from it. Some of the ensemble singing on the bigger group numbers was somewhat difficult to understand, though part of that could have been because the speakers in the theater I had been in were quite loud. Individual performing was clear and grasped. Nobody does things such as Gaston.

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