My husband (36) hates my parents. This is understandable, and most I take his aspect often. My parents (F: 60, M: 56) can be interfering. This interference worsened when our son was born (he could be now 2 year). My mother can be managing – for the reason that, she wants showing that she understands everything because she actually is a mother. She actually is constantly placing me down – I am never sufficient (it has been the situation all my life). What’s worse is that, my mother, talks about something I’d do wrong with my boy, make up her own tale about it, and spread it among the rest of the grouped family.

The others in the family will then call me and say could am not looking after my child etc. I would then retaliate, tell my mom off, and be mean to her. I QUICKLY will be called a rude and ungrateful child. I am pregnancy with this second baby currently, the baby arrives in December, and I have obviously told my mom not to come to our place during this time, mainly because she interferes and causes a lot of unpleasantness. THEREFORE I get my husband’s viewpoint, and trust him about my parents.

I stand up to my parents, and also have limited interactions with them – at least till things negotiate now. But I sometimes feel my hubby is over-reacting and going too far, and whenever I out point this, it leads to a disagreement between my hubby and me. My husband says my parents hate him, and want him to fail in his job (he works by himself) – but I know this isn’t true.

Although my parents are interfering, and my mom can be controlling and mean, they aren’t bad people. They don’t think any less of my hubby. In the end, they have given me everything (materially), and I understand I should be grateful for that. But my hubby is convinced they blame him for everything I tell them – but again, I know this wouldn’t be true. My whole family likes my hubby, and always blame me for the real way I am rude to my parents or hurt them. I know where my hubby is via. He is stressed with work (business has been slow for him, and he’s had problems with some clients not paying etc).

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He in addition has had problems with a wrong audience when he is at his early 20s, where people have bullied him and spread unreal stories about him. So I speculate it’s these insecurities that are playing up when he reacts this way to my parents. I must say i can’t bring up this issue with my husband. I’m caught in the centre. My parents are annoyed at me from one aspect (they never think they do anything wrong, and feel I am been ungrateful for no reason, after they’ve given me everything).

On the other aspect, my hubby gets so agitated even when my parents call and wants to learn everything they say. He sometimes says how I will react to what they state (I feel I am being controlled too much by him in these situations). He himself then arises with his own stories of how my parents hate him, and whenever I say, that’s not true, he would get upset, and these become major quarrels.

So now I just agree with what he says and don’t respond. There is also other people in our family Then, who think I am being furious and ungrateful for no justification. Together with all that, I am also pregnant, and raising a toddler, which is challenging. What can I do in this example?

I’m stuck in the centre. I can’t talk to my husband. I cannot speak to my parents. I’m taking my husband’s aspect, and taking a stand for my parents, with regard to my child. I’m fed up of all the arguments around it. Please tell me what I can do to help myself?

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