Personal Security Detail (PSD) Team Member , Afghanistan

The Personal Security Detail (PSD) Team Member is responsible for the personal protection of the Program Manager and/or the designated Principals under the direction of the PSD Lead Supervisor. The PSD Team Member will observe PSD security procedures to effectively ensure mission conformity. The PSD Team Member shall help out with the development of PSD policies, methods and suggestions to ensure objective required performance.

Performs personnel defensive service detail assignments as they pertain to assigned programs. In charge of safe operations of designated PSD transportation to ensure principals safety, to include mobile, air and static location operations. Utilize special weapons and techniques to ensure objective success. Conducts protective formation positions daily. Conducts advanced security reconnaissance of projected routes. Conducts static security tasks when directed.

Preclude behavior that would reflect badly on program management, DynCorp International, the Department of Defense, or the national government of assigned country. Presents a clean and professional appearance. Other duties deemed necessary by management. In-depth knowledge of Company’s PSD security procedures and insurance policies. Capability to perform both static and mobile security and PSD functions. Technical and tactical proficiency with the many small arms found in support of company operations.

Knowledge and understanding of individual and group force protection. Capability to operate motor vehicles of varied weights in a tactical manner both on and off-road. Must show creative problem resolving skills and the capability to work separately or within a team equally well. Must have an English language profile of at least 4343 (Fluent, very good, fluent, very good).

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Prior supervisory experience desired. People with combatant level tasks are preferred. The least five (5) years Military or Law Enforcement experience with a preference toward Combat Arms and SWAT. The least one (1) calendar year experience in High Threat Environment is desired. Must have effectively completed the RISKY Motorcade Course/Protective Security Detail (HRMC/PSD) training or have the ability to provide documents of successful completion of a similar course including criteria and curriculum for evaluation, to trying to get the position prior. Must meet all physical, medical and other requirements for overseas deployment relative to current Department of Defense (DoD) regulations.

Must possess a fitness level appropriate to performing work in a field environment and current medical and dental exam completed within the past 12 months. Host to responsibility and environmental conditions can be austere extremely, harsh, and work can be performed under hostile and life-threatening conditions. May be required to respond to a wide variety of operational circumstances, including extreme climate and rudimentary infrastructure. Carrying of a weapon is required. Candidate must have the ability to pass both weaponry qualifications and physical fitness course per designated contract requirements.

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