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Seemingly just six months after their break up, Jeannie Mai’s ex-husband Freddy Harteis has shifted All of the real way on. The Hollywood Hunter Productions owner took to Instagram this week to talk about a picture of himself announcing the impending birth of his first child, a baby girl. “If you’ve seen me in the last half a year you have seen me unable to clean a crazy grin off my face because of a beautiful female who captured my heart.

If you can remember, Jeannie first announced their divorce in October and said in February on “THE TRUE” that her decision never to have children performed a part in the end of their relationship. Actually Jeannie said she informed Freddie when these were dating that she didn’t want kids. We’re so in love, I don’t either’ want that.

And to be honest, he could’ve been happy not having children beside me,” she continuing. She also made it very clear that cheating wasn’t a factor in their break up so who knows how long they’ve actually really been broken up. His new sweetheart is a Florida based model called Linsey Toole. Well, it looks like Freddie got his wish.

We’re sure Jeannie will speak about this on “The Real” since she’s been very transparent about her relationship. All the while people are wondering about the details of Jeannie and Freddy’s divide, Jeannie’s remaining positive and celebrating “The Real’s” first Emmy Win. Congrats to the hosts and whole creation team behind The Real!

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