The Parisian Women Are (Almost) Effortlessly Chic

While walking the streets of Paris one can’t help but spot the beautiful people, but in this particular article, I’ll discuss the women. I don’t think there’s a blunder in calling Paris the style capital of the world. NEW YORK should declare that difference, but NYC does not have a Monday, mid-morning, high-fashion runway show in an automobile dealership on Champs -Elysees. I had been walking down the famous boulevard and heard some heart pumping techno music coming from one of the storefronts. I strolled over to the huge window and noticed that it was a Renault dealership and there was a runway show taking place inside.

So, of course, I walked in and had taken my place standing up along with other people who came in off the street. These models were not a lot beautiful as they were alluring. These were not jumping down the runway. These were walking slowly past the fashion editors, purchasers, etc and then made their way to present before the professional photographers and walk away.

I was amazed at their sensuality, yet it had not been overt, it was a simple overall confidence. The walk gets your attention and then they provide you with the time to check them out, and that is what the Parisian woman expects. Earlier that same morning, I had been sitting at the outdoor cafe of Fouquet’s (watch the short film for real Parisian elegance) using a cup of coffee before I began my (long) walk to the Louvre.

I wanted to see Paris on foot, so I started at a popular corner and required my time people viewing. It had been probably about 9 A.M. I noticed a few dining tables before me a beautiful French girl reading the newspaper. Her locks was pulled up into a chignon and she got on a dark skirt, pumps, a nice cream coloured silk blouse.

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When she was done, she got and strolled into the restaurant and I remember thinking up, no one walks like that in the U.S. She strolled with beauty, one foot in front of the other with a slight saunter, back held straight (however, not rigid) and mind looking forward. She looked completely natural. I know, you’re going to get up and try it, go ahead.

You’ll feel it whether it’s right. Go and laugh ahead, and remember, laughter is another CHIC quality. About twenty minutes later, I had been on the point of leave and I looked and she experienced just come out of the restaurant up, looking such as a million bucks. Her hair was down, flowing over her shoulders, brushed freshly, a red lipstick completing off this perfectly applied makeup that has to have been done in the natural powder room of Fouquet’s. She was walking down the avenue, most likely to the fashion region in Rue du Faubourg St-Honore where fashion designers such as Christian Lacroix, Sonia Rykiel, Yves St. Laurent have their principal fashion homes.

There was another time that week while i witnessed the easy trendy in grand setting before my eyes. I was walking with my Parisian friend to the crepes cafe and she had her hair pulled back into a minimal ponytail. As she was talking and walking, she viewed at me and drawn the hair tie up of her locks out, and viola, there it again was.

She shook her locks out over her shoulder blades and I thought, damn, these women don’t even make an effort to they are so sexy (and no, I am completely heterosexual!). Their CHICness is within their manner, the real way they bring themselves, their nonchalance, their intelligence, their classic outfit, their natural allure, looking to be noticed but not showcasing anybody thing. It’s the whole deal. My Parisian friend told me that it is all in what French women know, they expect attention from a man, the stares, the wink, a caress or a pat as a sign of passion.