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I once read the the Bible “Look to the sky and you are able to determine that there is bad weather.” I grew up on a plantation and as a youngsters, spent amount of time in the fields. Though accurate weather was unheard of, we could go through the sky and find out weather trouble brewing. And if we were attentive, we would have only a few hours to prepare the fields for the approaching weather event.

The stock market is similar in lots of ways. Eventhough you know something is going to happen, you do not know if it will be a large, medium, or small event. Today, we have computerized weather models, more reporting stations, defined models clearly, but still can’t assure 100% precision predicting the weather.

The stock market follows a simular predictive challenge. I used the chart to predict the collapse of the market in the first part of May. What I couldn’t predict is the way the market would respond to Benanke’s suggestion of a QE-3 and the marketplace falling around theirselves to buy stocks in anticipation of the coming stimulus. I see another HEAD AND SHOULDERS design developing that should completely work it’s self out by August 15th, give or take fourteen days.

Unless Bernanke does another twist or QE-3, we will probably start to see the market moving downward at the end of the top and shoulders pattern. When the 50 day moving average falls below the 200 day moving average, it is a signal for long-term downtrend. This sign is named the Loss of life GOLDEN or Mix CROSS.

It is a death cross if you continue to purchase stocks that are destined to decline in price. It really is a golden mix if you short shares. Now shorting is “betting the stock will go down”. For instance an inverse ETF can be bought for the S&P or DOW indexes. If the market slide into a decline, you’ll make money. Personally, i avoid such investments because experience has explained that it’s easier for market to show up than turn down.

  • Investor ownership, which Kraakman and Hansmann take to mean, ownership by shareholders.[4]
  • Highest degree of personal integrity, attention to details and work ethic
  • How are they being compensated
  • Foreclosure processing fees
  • Fisgard hasn’t been late on a dividend payment
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200 per barrel as speculators believe battle is eminent. Hillary and Komeni kiss and promise many years of endearing love and affection for just one another’s countries. 40 per barrel. Talking about barrels, you are left keeping the barrel. Many people to operate inverse positions and inverse positions can be a smart way to hedge your investment, but I like simple straight on trades that produce money.

There really is no need to change all of your strategies at the moment. Be out of shares if you don’t have stocks and shares that are executing. Be into BOND ETFS with 1/3 of your collection. Divide that bond postion into equivalent investments into TIP and BND. Keep a STOP-SELL on ALL your investments. The forex market is nothing at all to toy with.