Wondering why I called this post “Treading Water?” Am I going to be authoring a new swimming exercise or some amazing aspect of drinking water that helps with weight loss. Treading drinking water is, metaphorically speaking, what I am doing right now. Guess what happens I mean, right? You are doing the same thing and over over, and although it’s the same thing that you do so easily in the beginning, it begins to get harder and more difficult to keep carrying it out. I am still eating healthy, and I am still exercising a great deal, but my results easily aren’t coming as.

It seems to be getting ultimately more difficult to maintain my weight reduction. I am not bingeing. I am devoid of a lot of fatty and harmful fare. I am not wanting to eat out. I am cooking healthy nutritious meals. I’ve even began watching my servings. But despite all of this, my weight upwards has been creeping. I am up about ten pounds and it doesn’t appear to want to come off. I have no idea what changes I need to make to bring my weight back off because I am doing everything I am likely to do. I am remaining focused.

I am not giving up since it is not in my own nature to give up, but I am frustrated. Of course, week this was all something I possibly could have submitted about last. This week, I actually haven’t been eating enough, not because I thought it could help me lose weight or anything daft like that but because I had formed a toothache and eating any old thing at all caused me a lot of pain. I am to the dental practitioner now, and my tooth pain should be gone in a few days.

But not eating enough over this week of pain has triggered my weight to go up a few more pounds. I feel like crying, but I’ll overcome it. Reebok has said that they can replace my crosstrainer and present me an upgrade even, as my case is undoubtedly a special one, to a crosstrainer that has not had any complaints. It will not be here for another fourteen days though. Maybe getting my crosstrainer back can help with my weight.

  • Crestor makes a small difference in the cardiovascular health of individuals with high CRP
  • Skipping meals or reducing portion sizes excessively
  • Lipton’s Magnificent Matcha Green Tea
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I wish so (due to the fact I am oh-so-tired of working along the stairs of my three story house while carrying handweights. I am not elegant, therefore i will be lucky easily don’t end up breaking something while doing this particular exercise! I am not (alright sense sorry for myself, maybe a little). I know the added pounds will come cool off eventually. I’m frustrated and fairly angry within my body right now though.

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