Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?

Yet, it should be noted experts have found that some trackers are fairly accurate (10-15 percent mistake) in monitoring calorie consumption burned, not all devices are created similar. A June 2014 study by analysts at Iowa State University likened eight popular fitness trackers to a medical-grade metabolic analyzer. The study discovered that Fitbit products recorded a ten percent mistake ranking and Jawbone products at 12 percent.

And will be unlikely to perform your exercise goals. You will need carbohydrate and protein enhanced breakfast and minimal body fat. Types of a good work out breakfast include; wholegrain cereals, bananas, low fat dairy and juice. Remember however that eating too much before exercise can also cause you to feel sluggish and may offer you stomach cramps during exercise. Good snack foods after exercise include fruits, yogurt, and wholegrain crackers. Have a short while to warm up before you begin any vigorous activity.

Start slowly and increase strength gradually. Remember to choose proper shoes and light clothes since your body’s temperature will be increasing. In cold weather, decorate well to avoid hypothermia. You shall need layers that can peel off as body’s temperature increases . Listen to your body. If you are queasy or very fatigued, or you develop persistent joint pains after exercise, hold off.

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You might be doing something wrong. You may have to consult a professional before you continue. Begin stretching slowly and carefully until reaching a point of muscle tension. Hold each stretch for 10 to 20 seconds, then slowly release. Never stretch out to the true point of pain because you could injure the muscle. Breathe regularly to assist in blood oxygen levels which in turn increases oxygen flow to the mind. This will prevent dehydration, high temperature exhaustion and warmth stroke. Take 1 pint of drinking water 15 minutes before you begin exercising and another pint once you cool off.

Cooling down should be the final phase of your exercise. This means slowing down your activities at least ten minutes before you completely stop. You need to have regular days off from exercise for rest. Remember training too much too can cause overuse injuries like stress fractures and inflamed tendons often.

Delayed muscle soreness that starts 12 to 24 hours after workout and gradually falls is a standard response to taxing the muscles. On the other hand, intense or persistent muscle pain that starts during work out or immediately afterward indicates injury. You may want to see a doctor for this. Without sufficient rest, the opportunity of stroke and other circulation problems increases.