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No, it’s not what you are thinking. I didn’t tripped to North Africa in search of “The Thriller’s” beauty secrets. I went to Morocco in search of the solitary woman’s empowering experience. Of course, if I found some awesome beauty products along the way, even better! I started my adventure with a newly divorced friend whose spirit for travel and adventure matched mine. Our first stop was Marrakesh.

Now, it was time to head out on a REAL adventure. Having done a bit of research about Essaouira, a wonderful seaside town that from all the travel manuals, sounded a bit like Santa Cruz in Northern California here. I consulted an area tour guide as to what it would take to get there; “A few hours and a electric motor car and drivers”, he said.

At times we were so isolated, that, well, let’s say that if we had have broken down just, we would be touring back again to Marrakesh by camel. There was in the form of modern civilization little, as we know it. This is the land of the Berbers, whose villages were beautiful in their simplicity, but modest at best and certainly without modern amenities.

Just as I had surrendered to whatever travel destiny that was to be us, our driver pulled over. He spoke no English and undoubtedly we spoke no Arabic but we tried to figure out by way of sign language what on earth was taking place. Then, he pointed to what looked like ordinary olive trees and shrubs except they were peppered with… GOATS!

Not one, not two, but several goats hanging out in the center of the desert in trees just. My first thought was it has got to be considered a staged photo-op for gullible tourists, but no tourists would have the sense to visit out here. As I was “coming to” and digesting all of this Just, a little Berber boy comes walking anxiously toward me with, of all plain things, a black baby goat! He made a gesture which i was wished by him to carry this adorable little creature; I couldn’t resist. Praying silently that I would not be pounced upon by one of is own relatives in the trees, I agreed to have my picture taken.

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As I handed this nice goat back to the little son, he was able to understand my question, which was: “What is your goat’s name? Oh, by the way, I did learn a beauty key from the goats of most simple things. The nice reason they risk their lives to climb those trees is to eat the argon fruit, which is exactly what these trees produce.

Like our olive trees, this precious fruit is made into an oil, which can be used in beauty tonics and skin softening oils then. Longer the beauty secret of goats No, you too can experience this pleasure by checking out my latest European import, Les Bains du Marais products. Just in case the goat thing freaks you out, this oil has also been the skin care secret of several beauty women from North Africa to the Orient.

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