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These days everybody is referring to something Catalog whatever that means. Unfortunately there is some misunderstanding between people as sometimes they are discussing SOA and sometimes to IT Service Management. An ITSM Service Catalog describes all services that are offered by a service provider. In some full cases, all ongoing services provided by the IT department of a company. The ongoing service Catalog is part of the whole Service Level Management process.

The Service Catalog explains the typical services offered, predicated on which agreements are created with clients. These agreements are consequently covered operating Level Agreements. It also becomes the basis for documenting procedures and methods in an IT business. With regards to the purpose of the business hopes to accomplish, the service catalog may be rich in detail or simply provide a top-level explanation of services.

An IT section manages, maintains, and supports part of the IT infrastructure of the business. This infrastructure contains a large level of products with which services can be provided. These services are described in the Service Catalog. To identify services first, we must work from the perspective of the core business purposes. Then, take a look at what IT offerings support those ongoing services. After the core purposes, we have to move into those supporting areas that IT serves also, such as administrative or general organizational support.

The entire Service Catalog should be viewed from the customer’s perspective. Some services can be further divided into sub-services as well. For each ongoing service an obvious explanation and all relevant characteristics are included. Predicated on this a client can assess the business application and the usefulness of a service because of their own organization.

A Service Catalog is supposed for all clients of the IT department, in other words, the business device managers and/or their associates that are looking to be extensively informed about the assistance provided by the IT division of his company. An SOA Service Catalog has another goal: to manage, organize and reuse services.

One of the main element claims of SOA is reuse on a more granular level than you can ever hope to achieve with natural object focused techniques, but reuse isn’t something that people get free of charge. Particularly, reuse problems occur when others within a teamdepartmententerprise don’t realize that we have previously defined and/or built a particular service that they could reuse.

To achieve in some way that objective a SOA Service Catalog must can be found and document the foundation of every service. BPM to eliminate a pricey burden on business. To work, that service catalog must contain services in the vocabulary of the client, must be transactional and lastly flexible.

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For sure both Catalogs relate one to the other but what’s contained inside is quite different. The SOA Service Catalog should be considered as an ongoing service Registry. The near future will tell us how to link both catalogs once synergies between ITSM and SOA will be better documented and companies will have to reach an upper level of maturity in both of these domains.

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