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So now that contouring and highlighting has been made famous again by Kim Kardashian, lets talk about strobing. Just what exactly is strobing you ask? Nothing more and nothing at all less. Beyond that, there is certainly nothing new or marvelous about this technique besides the name change. So given that we up cleared that, lets discuss strobing. Strobing is applying highlighter to the high points of your face where light natural strikes it.

First, only people with dry, normal and somewhat (maybe) combination epidermis can achieve this look. When you have oily pores and skin, stop reading this and move on. If you attempt this technique you will likely look like a melting pot credited to all or any the lotions needed. Which brings us to our second point.

If you use powders (besides your setting and under vision powder) this won’t look natural. I just noticed a famous youtuber do that look using powders and it totally didn’t look right at all. Third, you must have almost next to prefect pores and skin. Fourth, you need to keep the eye makeup matte, natural and neutral. So skip the shimmer, sparkles, glitter and overdone eyes because of this look.

Which brings us to your final point. Strobing must look “natural” whatever that means in the wonderful world of makeup! So basically you will need to appear to be you are lit within and therefore it shows on that person like an angel, fairies and unicorn. If over highlighting is not for you then this rainbow type technique won’t work either because of the quantity of fairy dust needed to achieve the appearance. I don’t caution which one you use, use it just.

With the amount of cream products taking place your face, in addition to the fact it’s summer months right now; if you don’t use primer your face will melt. The whole day So use a good primer to keep this stuff on your face. My favorite is Bareminerals Prime time which works great to hold your makeup all day long, or Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer which is amazing for those with oily skin who still want to create this look regardless of the fact! 2. You need a real face illuminator to attain the strobing look. I for the longest use to combine in my own Victoria Secret face illuminator with my foundation each time I wore makeup.

However, this VS product has been discontinued and today I have moved on to MAC Strobe Cream which may be applied before your base or mixed along with your base. How ever you want to take action is your decision, in the same way long when you are using some type of illuminator to be able to give that person that look you ‘re going for in strobing. 3. Your base must be the CC cream or sheer to minimal coverage base.

You cannot use heavy base and attempt to get away with this. Heavy base does not supply the appearance of natural looking epidermis. Illumination Foundation or a luminous foundation that offers a pure coverage. These kinds of CC lotions or foundations will give you a pleasant dewy, glowing angelic look to your skin with no heaviness, glitter or sparkle.

  • 86% Moisturising Ingredients
  • Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion – pretty good
  • 2% Hydroquinone
  • Puracy Natural Body Wash – Citrus and Sea Salt
  • 2nd trial. I try to make a foam with no foam machine
  • Helping our organs function properly, etc
  • Exfoliate dead epidermis cells
  • Loss of interest in food or compulsive overeating that leads to fast weight loss or gain

4. Use concealer before or after applying your CC base or cream. You can’t highlight your eyes with dark under eye circles. If you attempt to this, you get a dark shadow underneath your eyes which will accentuate that area which makes it look awful and shadowy. A good concealer that hides your dark under eye circles is the Chanel Correcteur Prefection.

This concealer works magic to cover up every flaws, but doesn’t cake or negotiate in the fine lines around your eye and appears natural once arranged with natural powder. 5. After applying your concealer or bottom (depending if you put your concealer on before or after your base) you need to highlight your under attention and the other areas shown on the graph above. This is exactly what I call “pre highlighting” because the true outrageous highlighting is yet to come! Pre highlighting helps to set the stage for the true highlighting part by allowing these area to be always a color or two lighter.