Royal Ballet Dancer Francesca Hayward Is AMONG Meghan's Cover Stars 1

Royal Ballet Dancer Francesca Hayward Is AMONG Meghan’s Cover Stars

A Royal Ballet principal dancer also stars as you of Meghan Markle’s Vogue trailblazers. Joining the Royal ballet in 2010 2010, of the Year after winning impressive awards such as the Young British Dancer, she continued to execute in classic ballets such as Juliet and Romeo and is now their Principle dancer. This season she took time out of the Royal ballet to film the new live-action remake of Cats – where she plays a cat called ‘Victoria the White’. This month Earlier, when the truck premiered for the film, Francesca was swept up in online criticism, as fans claimed that movies directors had used CGI to white wash her.

On the Vogue cover Francesca is seen with her locks scrapped back, looking peaceful and wearing a white t-shirt and cream jacket. Of all the women she didn’t choose the Queen! Share ‘To be alongside these outstanding women and be recognised among the Forces for Change is an amazing honour.

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She spoke to Vogue this past year about her career and said: ‘I remember the idea I realised I possibly could do it expertly as a job and be paid for it. Francesca shows up on the Vogue cover. She took to her Instagram page to create the cover and thanked both Vogue and Duchess Edward Enninful.

The dancer released a limited model range with Canadian fitness brand lululemon this past year while painter Vanessa Garwood also released a family portrait of the dancer – which made an appearance in the National Portrait gallery. In the past the dancer as said that she was inspired to become a ballerina at the age of two when she watched a video of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. Joining an area ballet school, Le Serve School of Ballet, she was prompted to audition for White Lodge – which acts as the junior section of the Royal Ballet School.

She officially joined up with the ballet school at 11 and got her first break in 2012 starring as Clara in the Nutcracker and heading to perform in Sleeping Beauty and Giselle. She told the Evening Standard in 2016: ‘When I did Romeo and Juliet as well as the Nutcracker, because they were two of my favourites in my own living room.

I got really psychological actually – I’m not a very emotional person – but I stepped on for Juliet and I thought I would cry before I’d even started. In December she will also be observed in the live-action remake of Cats with superstars including Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson and Idris Elba.

However previously this month many supporters of the show had taken to Twitter to criticise the trailer – thinking she had been whitewashed. The ballerina, who plays the main personality in the version, on Thursday night is seen pirouetting and frolicking with a white face of fur in the clip released. Fans believe Hayward’s feline form should have been portrayed using fur to complement her natural complexion. Despite the personality being called ‘Victoria the White’ in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s original musical, some believe they could have changed the ‘arbitrary point easily.

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