Business Opportunities In Chile 1

Business Opportunities In Chile

Mine filled with fine yellow metal on the number of 20 grams per shade, is seeking financing. It is a small mine formulated with inferred 20.000 silver ounces, year period to be exploited on the 5. It is a little scale production to avoid larger effect on the surroundings. 13.000.000 to be gathered on a 5 year period. This potential is near the surface, and most of the 100 hectares had not been researched neither on the surface or under it. It is thought to have copper more comprehensive, as there is evidence of a vintage mining work. The mine has some ongoing works from aboriginal and colonial Spanish times.

It means the mine was exploited more than 200 years back when they were focused on resources having more than 200 grams per tone. On such date, only very rich mineralization elevated their attention. So, we have real chances to find deposits formulated with more than the average 20 grams we have exposed.

We need a unaggressive investor to invest with this business. Production to start 3 months after funding is completed as this is a very small scale procedure and we are ready to start. We accept partial investment on any amount. We are the owners of the mine. We’ve skilled Personnel for exploration, including a Geologist. We have a processing Plant and Personnel trained for such purpose.

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Likewise we have a team ready to exploit the mine. Public roads hit the house. Rolling hills. No step mountains. So we just need more cash to start production. 26.000.000. The others is just extra advantage to be computed more exactly while we are in production of the 20.000 gold ounces. We are centered on finding wealthy mineralization as we are a solid team in exploration. We have financed with our own resources the finding and exploration of more than 3.000 hectares on different places in Chile having interesting potential.

Our main goal presently is to put into production several mines, approximately 300 hectares, only 10 %10 % of our mining properties. Our focus on is to create trough small mines, as they require not big figures to finance. 12.000.000 in revenue. Calendar year period The second mine can produce equivalent numbers also on a 5. a year 10 million. With such cash we’re able to finance all the additional exploration and expansion of our businesses.

5 million merely to explore them as the resources contained are significantly more important than all these. For those familiar with gold mining, the rock and roll shown on the picture is a rock and roll near the surface, oxidized, having small caves where gold use to hide. This is the kind of material to be exploited. Below Further, quartz mineralization is more common. But the preliminary material is gentle, easy as quartz, favoring an instant exploitation.

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