Safeguard Business Systems Celebrates 60 Years Of AN EFFECTIVE Printing Franchise 1

Safeguard Business Systems Celebrates 60 Years Of AN EFFECTIVE Printing Franchise

Although they have been with Safeguard for seven and six years, respectively, J.J. Many franchisors measure their success by the number of “franchisee failures” they have. That is clearly a hard statistic to think about really, admits J.J. Sorrenti, leader of Dallas-based Safeguard Business Systems. “You are able to say, ‘Our failure rate is 1%,’ but if you have 5,000 systems, that’s still a great deal of people who have been through a significant failing. It’s clear that Safeguard, which became part of Deluxe Corp.

2004, is keeping that quantity in balance. “I am very pleased to say, within the last seven and a half years, we haven’t had one franchisee failure,” Sorrenti continues. However, he could be quick to note that the members of his printing company’s franchise network aren’t called franchisees. Sixty years ago, Vincent G. “Buck” Bell – who retired as a sergeant in Gen. George S. Patton’s famous Third Military in World War II – launched a ongoing company in Philadelphia to deliver One-Write checks.

  • Reporting suspicious efforts to obtain customer information to designated personnel
  • How to properly tax a fringe advantage
  • Do not use collateral tools
  • Identify an opportunity everybody else has skipped
  • Performance metrics and benchmarking
  • Reduced shipping rates
  • 3 Describe various ways of acquiring the names and figures of people that need to be contacted
  • Provide MEANS TO FIX A Problem

This popular accounting system, which Safeguard still markets today, is “as an old-school version of QuickBooks,” Sorrenti quips. When a check is written within this binder, certain areas are carbon copied onto a ledger below. An individual tears out the check, mails it and takes the ledger to his accountant. Today, Safeguard’s network is continuing to grow to more than 300 offices throughout the United Canada and State governments, and marketers are providing more than One-Write systems just.

While the firm still provides old-fashioned printed forms, checks and labels, its offerings have expanded greatly to include promotional products, direct email services, Web and email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing techniques (SEM). One product that continues Safeguard germane to the digital era, yet still draws on its payment-based root base, is eChecks. Created and possessed by Deluxe Corp now., the eChecks service allows a business to pay its vendors via email.

“So it’s taking the same acumen, the same skill, the same history we have in an integral area on the check side, and using technology to help with making us more relevant and help business owners be more effective,” Sorrenti explains. The gamut is run by Those customers. Although Safeguard works with large-scale clients – such as Costco, Metro U and PCS.S. Bank – its specific niche market is serving small, local businesses whose owners reveal the same entrepreneurial heart that Safeguard vendors possess.

Sorrenti has been with the business for nearly eight years, and he involves Safeguard steeped in the franchise model. For 15 years, he was older VP and GM of GNC Franchising, the chain of General Nutrition Centers. At business meetings, Sorrenti often refers to “the infamous five-legged feces.” “Sometimes, I talk about it to the true point where people make fun of me.