Add Email Powered By Google To Your Domain!

Having email with your domain provides you instant reliability and promotes your brand with every message you send. Adding the option of email run by Google combines your domain name with the entire top features of Gmail as well as the Google Apps suite benefits such as calendar, chat and storage. Now, you can manage your website and email all in one place! 50/consumer/year, but we’re supplying a release special with 10% off and a free 15-day trial to ensure this feature is right for you.

To begin, just click on the button below. Try Email FREE OF CHARGE! No setup needed – We take care of everything for you which makes it super quick and easy to get your email up and running. 30 aliases per user – Create up to 30 aliases/user. Manage your website & email all in one place – Simplify your life by handling everything directly from Weebly.

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Get your email anywhere – Enjoy the convenience of reading and replying to your email from any computer or your mobile. Create instant trustworthiness – A top quality email address provides you something extra and creates trust with potential customers. Promote and build your brand – A simple, high-impact way to create a consistent and professional online presence. Benefit from the full Google Apps suite – Along with email you get a centralized calendar, storage and chat. If you are happy with your present setup, you do not need to do anything. Rest assured that your present email set up will work as it always has.

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