All Designs Are For Personal Use Only

Can’t believe that it is already time that you should get the lovely February freebies! Remember, this year’s Designer Calendar can not only include downloadable digital calendars to be used on all your tech devices, but also printable planners that you should keep your things-to-do organized. Month This, two very talented designers joined my yearly project: Emma Hawman and Erin Ibbertson. I love both their styles: Emma’s being very romantic and delicate and Erin’s very illustrative and cute. Below you will discover three planners: the main one Erin especially designed you all, and two created by me.

To download the files simply click on the links below the images. Remember all three organizers are high-res JPG to be imprinted on either Letter or A4 paper. Thank you a lot Emma and Erin for taking the time to produce such beautiful designs. I hope my readers love them as much as i do! If you wish to see more of my guests’ work, you can visit their websites.

Don’t forget to check on their shops in the event you want to get some of their pretty patterned products. All designs are for personal use only. You might print out the planners and use them as much times as you like, but please remember they may not be resold, modified or distributed otherwise.

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