Is My Life Cursed? 1

Is My Life Cursed?

Conversely, I’ve never been very adept at shutting up. Since typing is nearly as easy as speaking, here we are. I did a foolish thing once i was young and, well, foolish. I chose I wanted to live a fascinating life. Kids, don’t do that! Unrestrained in my own conceit, I believe I’ve done so. I’m also able to recommend the eternal truth that the Chinese saying “May you live in interesting times.” is always meant as a (not) simple curse. Is my entire life cursed?

I think not. In fact, it’s been a fairly good life, with scattered spectacular areas. But I’d have preferred an easier and more predictable presence, all things considered. But if that had happened, I wouldn’t be starting this, and you’d have nothing from me to read, yawn at, mock, jeer, sneer, or, God love you, laugh over as well as perhaps enjoy. If I’m any bloody good at all. So what I aim to inflict upon any random gaggle of folks who stumble by are the flashes of memory space that inhabit my mind at this point in my living.

I think a few of them are funny, or interesting, or illustrative of some greater truth. A hat tip, even, to my own misanthropy. If not it’s just that at this point in life, I’ve finally resided enough that, like eating much meatloaf too, a few of the spicier parts keep getting burped out.

My fingertips clack these things out, because some unseen muse has finally made me her thrall. EASILY make factual errors, mistype, misspell, or otherwise bollocks up anything here, it’s my own fault. EASILY say whatever offends, irritates, or annoys you, or generally twists your panties 3 sizes too tight, I honestly, sincerely, and beg one to get over it humbly. And easily ever hit the mark, let with any regularity alone, I offer my sincerest & most heartfelt applause to a couple of truly extraordinary English teachers in high school. All that’s recent is prologue.

I take it up because I noticed that somewhere in the last little while, between this blog and the other one, I appear to have blundered within the millionth audience view. I know for some individuals who’ve been at this longer, and with an increase of regularity (let alone talent, or masochism, or both), a million views is last month’s tally. But for me, it’s a little mind-blowing. For those who’ve fell by, and didn’t number I squandered their valuable time, my thanks a lot. More so to people who’ve commented, connected, or shared anything I’ve scribbled. For those who’re pissed off, I am hoping I get better either, or just get better at pissing you off.

Their premise of their discussion is capitalism is on it’s last legs is without base. Firstly, citing recent economic history, both the previous USSR and the People’s Republic of China have changed from centrally prepared economies predicated on communism to market structured capitalist economies. China will eventually proceed to the world’s largest overall economy in the not too distant future. The Chinese are embracing capitalism as their residents are lifted out of poverty and into a burgeoning middle class.

Russia went from virtually bankrupt following the cold war finished to get rid of with petro-dollars and a superpower again. Capitalism is changing but that doesn’t suggest it is on it’s last legs. The triple important thing and corporate social responsibility aren’t new concepts.These ideals are powered by both stakeholder and shareholder beliefs. Shareholders are members of the community and even though the firm is not a living breathing entity, the shareholders who own the shares are and they’re beginning to exert pressure on senior managers to adjust to new ideals.

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The shareholders own the business, they are the ones who put up the capital and take the chance – they should have to be remunerated appropriately. I don’t sign up to Friedman’s debate of the one and only responsibility of business is to mazimise income whilst participating in open and free competition without fraud or deception. As shareholder theory asserts shareholders progress capital to the management to purchase a manner that increases shareholder comes back. Stakeholder theory asserts shareholders advance capital to the management with a duty to both shareholders and stakeholders contributing voluntarily or involuntarily to the wealth creation capacity and are therefore potential risk takers or beneficiaries.

As employees and workers are remunerated already, as long as they are not put through workplace hazards and sticking with measurable criteria of behaviour. Many companies spend money on the city providing facilities and support enriching the people where they operate. Shareholder value is not the dumbest idea in business neither is it an outdated concept.