Did You Read What I Wrote?

Every year god, the father will give me one term for the upcoming year. This past year He spoke the word obtain to me. I’d be lying easily didn’t say how excited I was to hear that word. And life lower in and interrupted my blissful dance with “receive” then. Division shoved me from the dance floor while strife was stepping on my toes. Hurt was waiting for me to twirl me right into the hands of brokenness. This was not even close to what I believed I was to receive.

Not understanding I brought my unhappiness to your toes of my Jesus. Making pottery is a craft of natural beauty. Majestic designs etched into the clay with the tiniest of hands tools. The steadiness of the potter’s hands as the wheel is spun, scrapping away what’s unnecessary in making a one of a sort or kind piece.

I experienced made a mental set of things I have to change. Next to each item, I observed the whys, the how’s and the because reasons to the changes needed. However, my list was which triggered an frustrating panic to set in long. There I was smack dab in the center of a self induced panic attack I stared at a list I possibly could never accomplish on my own.

  • BODY SCRUB (Exfoliation)
  • Elianto GREEN TEA EXTRACT eye constitute remover
  • Joyce Coffey Wall
  • Do you like lipsticks with brownish undertone

I hadn’t even the slightest hint to which change to begin with. If I were to write a complete list of every time god, the father blocked a situation in my own life and I broke through the barricade, my list would lap the world a few times over. Disobedience through my feelings has triggered me great pain in my own life time. Caving into what my flesh has desired has lined up with what god, the father has got for me never.

And my very own justifications for doing this, well let us say pride experienced a lot to do with it just. However in my earlier years my foolish ways caused an abundance of unnecessary hard lessons. I wanted god, the father in my decision making never. 2 Kings 4:5 So she went from him and shut the entranceway behind her and her sons, who brought the vessels to her; and she poured it out.

2 Kings section 4 tells the story of a widow woman on the verge of dropping her sons to repay the debits owed. With creditors on the way to take her only means of future support, she cries out to the prophet Elisha. With many vessels now full, she is in a position to sell the oil, pay the debits owed and her sons remain with her.