What else did they do to prevent the message being spread? 3. The 3rd thing we’ll metion is that they attempted to ban the recitation of the Qur’an in public. When the Qur’an was recited, they would make an effort to drown it out with their voices or stop it from being recited.

Ibn ABbas mentions whenever the prophet PBUH recited the Qur’an in front of the ka’bah the Quraysh would start shouting and making noise, and they would curse the main one who exposed it, and the main one upon whom it was uncovered. Thus if somone wished to listen to the Qur’an, he’d have to pretend he isn’t hearing and hear it within the noise.

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Because of the shouting the prophet PBUH often tried to raise his own voice above theirs. But this is when Allah uncovered “Do not say it loudly, nor in a whisper, but say it in a moderate voice”. And the companions arrived jointly in the house of Al-Alkam once, they said “no-one has recited the Qur’an in public, except the prophet PBUH, who is going to volunteer?”. Then Abdullah ibn Masud said “I am going to do it”. However they said “we don’t want you because you do not have family members to help and protect you. You don’t have a tribe”. Ibn Masud was a yemeni Indeed, he wasn’t a Qurayshi nor a good Meccan.

Recall in those days tribal lineage was everything – if you were apart of a tribe you were guarded. But ibn Masud said “I want to do it – I put my rely upon Allah”. This is ibn Masud who the prophet PBUH said “If you want to recite the Qur’an properly, go to ibn Masud”.

He was the one who said “I have used more than 70 surahs straight from the prohpet PBUH”. So ibn Masud said “I want to do this” and he visited the ka’bah another morning when the individuals had gathered. Of course the ka’bah was the area of socialisation.

When the businesses of the day have been done, everyone would gather in the color of the ka’bah and gossip and relax. So when all gathered, ibn Masud stood at the maqaam of Ibrahim, and began reciting in a beautiful and loud voices. Surah ar-Rehman. It was so beautiful people gathered around him to pay attention.

One of these asked “what’s this he is reciting?” Realise the whole research of tajweed is specific to Qur’an. The art and words of the Qur’an is on the different level and its mesmorising. So they all start gossiping and talking. Until one of these said “O this is what Muhammad claims is from Allah, this is what he is reciting”.