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The lede would be that the stock has been a bit more active than typical and there’s a fresh CEO. I love the previous CEO a great deal and he’ll stick to as Chairman and apparently still work closely with the business and this is fantastic information. 150M with “700 employees in 6 technical centers situated in 5 global locations”. This all appears like very good news, but it’s still his first go around in the C-suite and there is no getting around that. 25M maximum revenues and two facilities? Just how much will they need to invest in new machinery to create out the operations this guy is utilized to?

In what path does the business go ahead the hands of the engineer with R&D experience seated in an under used but high tech emissions testing service an hour’s drive from Trenton? Are they moving from a mesh metal weave to fabrics and if so will there be a local supplier of polymers / materials who might have more insight in to the market?

What will he know about cash flow generation? Will he have the ability to thrive like his predecessor on a footwear string budget? In a nutshell, it looks good in writing. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the financials any longer because the company “went dark” in April 2015, and there was not any new financial information since. We realize however that theirs is a lumpy business and that two major drivers of performance in 2014 – a municipal contract in Chicago and CARB conformity deadlines in California – are improbable to do it again. 13CV01232 – in Glenn County Court, CA). This is where we circle back to VW.

When CARB begins to enforce the rules with costs more onerous than the retrofit investment, then we’ll visit a change in adoption. But so far they haven’t and California marketers of DPF filters and their suppliers are struggling. But as crazy as this fight shows up, I’d be surprised to see environmental rules rolled back. About 700 shares traded hands this week, a big amount relative to avg daily vol during the last 90 days of 40 stocks. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION FOR BUSINESS OR A RECOMMENDATION TO GET OR SELL STOCKS. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. I OWN Stocks OF THE ongoing company. IT REALLY IS THINLY TRADED NO LONGER DISCLOSES ITS FINANCIALS.

  • Protection was given to infant sectors against the international competition
  • State and local income taxes
  • 166 AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) -39.3% 25.23 41.56
  • The option of capital gains taxes discounts

These are our top-line observations of the Stanek-Lehrer record card. Predicated on that, we don’t believe that digging deeper into their information on their statement will amount to any more than squandered time. Eli Lehrer is senior fellow at The Heartland Institute and national director of its Center on Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate. To joining Heartland Prior, Lehrer worked as speechwriter to US SENATE Majority Leader Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.).

He has previously proved helpful as a manager in the Unisys Corporation’s Homeland Security Practice, older editor from the American Enterprise publication, so that as a fellow for The Heritage Foundation. He has spoken at George and Yale Washington Colleges. Steve Stanek is a research fellow for The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Budget & Tax News.

He has been a freelance article writer and editor since 1997, producing marketing business and materials articles for commercial clients, as well as feature articles and information stories for Chicago-area newspapers, mags, and business magazines. Before becoming a freelance writer, Stanek worked almost 11 years in corporate communications. He also has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor at daily and weekly newspapers in Illinois.

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