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David Korn: Ahem. Let me first congratulate Bob to make a prediction in January of the year that the currency markets would produce significant benefits. Well done friend. Now let me remind Bob that following his forecast immediately, the currency markets declined around 25%, blowing past Bob’s modified lower buy points.

If he wasn’t such a spinner, I wouldn’t have to set him straight. Caller: A caller observed that trading volume have been low and wondered how exactly we could be in a bull market without higher volume. Bob said a lot of investors are scratching their heads questioning how this can be.

But obviously we are in a cyclical bull market. Bob noted that in the summertime, volume tends to wane because many people are on holiday therefore there isn’t as much active trading. The other thing impacting volume is that there are a lot of individuals who became disenchanted with the marketplace and are no more participating in stocks. Brinker Comment: There’s been a melt-up in stock market prices over the last couple of weeks with hardly any going on apart from buying. The market has produced about 11-12% gains during the last 10 trading periods. People are certainly anticipating a better economy later on but this has also been followed by way better-than-expected corporate earnings.

The Wall Street forecasters were way low on their corporate earnings outlook, with earnings to arrive much better than a 2-to-1 margin in this reporting period. Brinker Comment: For investors who are in the currency markets (up with their own private risk tolerance), the marketplace is rewarding their ownership of stocks.

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We are just past the halfway mark of this year, and we have already seen a complete come back of over 11.5%. When you consider that people getting profit money markets that yield significantly less than 1%, the returns are outstanding. David Korn: Indeed. The reduced rates on money market funds (and other cash equivalents) is also helping the currency markets as investors look to eek out increases, whether by stock market appreciation or good old fashioned dividends.

You reacall those right? I appeared in the dividend produce on the S&P 500 just, and even that is yielding 2.62% for the 12-month period ending June. When you consider that even the Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund is yielding significantly less than 25 % of 1%, that’s pretty significant. Caller: A caller said he noticed someone on TV call the recent market action a “sucker’s rally.” The caller said he had lost a lot profit the stock market like everyone else, and asked Bob his opinion.