We're Crossing The Moira River Bridge 1

We’re Crossing The Moira River Bridge

I was ensconced early in a Business Class car 4001 on Via know 651 on the way to Toronto for the day. That was because 80 minutes before we departed Kingston, CN No 310 splattered 26 cars over the herb at the western end of Brockville. We were on the ‘lucky train’ as ‘lucky passengers’.

All other trains would be managed with buses. It might be this way for today and another, though CN freights started later moving about 18 hours. A lone passenger boards at Napanee (above). This train is indeed used by commuters traveling into Toronto. Belleville, Cobourg, and Port Hope each contribute very healthy passenger loads.

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At Belleville, 7082, one of the Geeps from Belleville-Kingston turn CN No 518 was visible through the screen across the aisle. Also at Belleville were two white-wrapped level car tons – Bombardier monorails on lowboy trailers, soon on the way to Halifax then Innotrans in Berlin and additional storage in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. St. Michael’s Catholic Church and Belleville’s water tower are noticeable to the south. We’re crossing the Moira River bridge.

Another body of drinking water, in cases like this the overflow channel for Lock 1 of the Trent-Severn Waterway at Trenton. Watch for the next post on the replacement of the impressive bridge spans. I brought my camera along with this trip, hoping to be able to photograph several places which I hadn’t maintained for posterity.

The former CP freight house at Cobourg is currently home to Legacy Vintage Building Materials. Appears like a neat place to poke around throughout a lull trainwatching both main lines! Approaching Cobourg train station, aka The Monster That Ate Cobourg, a CP eastbound pokes its nose through the foliage. CN’s range was unfettered by any trains, except for Via No 50/60 which became a substitution, and CN No 709 with a CSX unit switching at Oshawa. Appearance in Toronto will early be quarter-hour! Usually not seen on CN’s Kingston Sub, some Auto-Max car carriers in cases like this with AOK reporting marks were on the CP train along with DM&E, SOO, CP Rail, and former government grain cars.

Approaching the tiny place at Port Hope, the Cameco vegetable, and harbor bask in the first morning hours sunshine. CN delivers ACAX tank cars of Hydrogen Fluoride from Geismar, LA to the plant. At the GO layover (previous CN Don) backyard, we handed this interesting Trackmobile-powered two-car work train. The fantastic Hall of Toronto Union Station – still great.