Which Uni Should An Aspiring Investment Banker HEAD TO?

Which Uni should an aspiring investment banker go to? Which Uni should an aspiring investment banker go to? It’s strange that lots of people in this thread seem to believe that investment banking provides no interpersonal utility. Australian Personal Finance and General Advice. Learn about personal finance: budgeting, saving, getting away from debt, investing, and saving for retirement. Our community is focused on financial education and helping one another along the way.

It eliminates two wild birds with one stone. It fixes banking balance addresses and sheets the solvency problem and it allows sovereigns access to the markets. Key risks: This is another one of those European plans that sound good theoretically however the devil is within the details. The facts of how the ECB means to relax collateral have never yet been released. The Bank accepts security ranked only A- presently, although debtors must pay a charges based on asset risk. Were even riskier resources allowed to be used as guarantee or if the penalty were dropped, this might provide significant incentive for banks to purchase sovereign debt, especially given presently high yields on bonds.

If it proved helpful, it might be the ultimate carry trade-borrowing from the ECB is now a cheap 1%, so banks could see huge returns on sovereign debt with high yields. Supposing that the LTRO is used by a bank facility and puts up Spanish paper as collateral. Soon afterwards, Spain is downgraded by the rating agencies. Beneath the terms of the facility, the ECB would ask the lender to put on additional collateral as a “margin call” because of the credit downgrade.

Second, one of the hip and legs of the policy of forebearance is to allow banks to carry doubtful debts at publication value and market it to advertise. If they were the mandatory to mark-to-market, then the bank or investment company could be deemed insolvent and would either have to be liquidated, merged with a more powerful partner or nationalized. The EBA stands in the way of this forebearnce trade.

Will the EBA play ball? Can Berlin and Paris twist hands at the EBA to get them to come onside enough? Third, there is the problem of prudence for bank management, a spot that Felix Salmon raised when he wrote it wouldn’t work. That is an all-in bet-the-farm trade for just about any bank who wishes to undertake the carry trade of tapping LTRO to buy sovereign personal debt.

If this works, you make a huge amount of money as well as your bank or investment company is fine. If it generally does not, your bank is bankrupt. “When investors are constantly requesting what you have on your books and the plank is requesting to reduce your publicity, it doesn’t really matter about the economics of the trade,” said the treasurer of 1 of Europe’s biggest banks.

“Am I heading to buy Italian bonds? That view echoes responses from UniCredit chief executive Federico Ghizzoni, who this week informed reporters at a banking conference that using ECB money to buy authorities debts “wouldn’t be logical”. The lender had traditionally been one of the biggest purchasers of Italian government bonds, with almost €50bn on its books. From my viewpoint, the most important technical consideration for the “Sarko trade” to work is the cooperation of the EBA. It has to occur in very large level for this to have an impact.

I wrote the other day that if you put “all the major eurozone countries together, they have to move over €1.8 trillion in 2012, or 19% of approximated GDP.” That’s a bundle. Moreover, the “Sarko trade” is only going to work if there are no mishaps on the way. There are some key elections coming up in 2012, greece namely, Italy, France and Finland. In particular, will the new governments in Italy and Greece cooperate with the EU? How badly will austerity bite in eurozone?

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Can they prevent a European bank failing despite their best efforts? If not, would its results cascade through the banking system? Think about China, will it avoid a difficult landing? That’s the trouble with the all-in bet-the-farm trade, if it goes wrong (and a lot of things can go wrong), you’re deceased. In conclusion, there are numerous moving parts to the bull case.

The US economy and inflationary expectaions have to weaken sufficiently for the Fed to underatke QE3. The EBA has switch a blind attention and moderate its mark to market rules for bank debts. Cam Hui is a profile supervisor at Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. This informative article is prepared by Mr. Hui as an outside business activity.