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Patients seeking a weight-loss surgery that does not require an implanted device or long term change to their anatomy, have a fresh scientific trial option at UC NORTH PARK Health System. Santiago Horgan, MD, main of minimally invasive surgery, and his team, offer gastric plication now, a novel surgery that folds the tummy into a smaller, smaller sized size. Horgan compares gastric plication, ways to fold the abdomen into a new useful form, to the art of origami. Gastric plication is potentially reversible and is performed laparoscopically. Throughout a one-hour procedure, someone to five small incisions are created in the abdomen to attain the stomach to place the folds.

Depending on how big is the patient’s belly, a couple of folds are created with non-absorbable sutures. Click here to watch video of the surgery. Horgan said that, in addition to weight loss, many surgery patients see an associated benefit in reducing their blood circulation pressure, depression and diabetes medications. These long-term results are a product of a mixture of surgery, healthy eating and exercise. The UC NORTH PARK Bariatric Metabolic Institute is dedicated to the science of developing and offering a range of surgical and non-surgical weight loss techniques that are personalized to the patient’s individual needs. A team of internationally known doctors and specialists provide patients a thorough long-term intend to improve their health and lifestyle. This medical trial surgery was performed by Horgan as well as Garth Jacobsen, MD, and Nikolai A. Bildzukewicz, MD, of UC NORTH PARK Health System.

Recently I had the opportunity to review one of the latest activity trackers and sleep monitors on the market – the Misfit Speedo Shine. I am a big enthusiast of wearable activity trackers therefore i was excited to provide this one a try since it also documented swimming and bicycling. Like a triathlete I used to be excited about this. Therefore the ability to track most of my activities in single wearable device was pretty exciting! Let’s start with the basics. What does it come with? Battery life – The Speedo Shine includes a watch type electric battery that will not need to be charged! The electric battery should last around 6 months.

I hate recharging activity trackers so this is one of the best features! Style – It really is stylish simply. I acquired so many compliments when it was worn by me. It is smooth and small and looks cool really. 79.99 so it’s very affordable. When you first get the Speedo Shine you have to assemble it. You get the Shine itself and also have to install the battery and then affix it to the wrist band or the action clasp.

It’s really very easy and there is a quick start guide to help you through the procedure. You’ll be able to download the application to sync these devices and you are up and running. You will be monitoring in 5-10 minutes. I received the device shortly before heading to Hawaii for a few days so I determined that would be a great place to give it a try.

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  • 9 components of physical fitness
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I was just a little worried by how light the Shine was and the way it mounted on the band that I’d lose it, especially in the ocean. But I never had any problems with it active or feeling loose the entire time and I swam with it in the ocean nearly every day. It did talk about that salt water could reduce the life of the battery pack, but it can be worn that was great! I even did some snorkeling with no issues. It’s water resistant to 50 Meters so you should be good for nearly all water related exercises.

As I already mentioned one of the best features was that the tracker does not have to be billed. I was taking my cell phone charger already, Kindle charger, Garmin charger, etc with me, so it was nice never to to have to pack yet another charger. All I needed was the Shine and my phone to track my activities. I really like that it can be worn on your wrist, but virtually anywhere on your body also.

So many people asked me what it was or said I had a “cool watch”. It truly is a smooth design that stands out and doesn’t immediately scream activity tracker. I’ve said it many times already, but I really love the “coolness” of this device. I had been definitely on monitoring overkill. But I needed to compare them and see how they all monitored mileage close. They all ended up tracking pretty near to the same distance, so I can say that the accuracy appears to be good pretty.