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Event Process Chain modeling technique is available in the IDS/Scheer ARIS Toolset. Process chains explain the interaction and sequencing between data, process steps, IT systems, organizational structure and products. An EPC starts and ends with events always, which define the state or condition under which a process starts and the state under which it ends.

A function /activity is a technical task, a procedure, and/or an activity performed on an object to aid a number of company goals (i.e. Manufacturing). Events become sets off for activities, but are also based on preceding functions and therefore describe an event. EPC Diagrams follow an event-function (activity)-event structure, they must begin and end with events.

Logical branches in the chronological movement of the procedure are symbolized by rules by means of logical providers (AND, OR, XOR). EPCs are usually used at the lower levels of the procedure hierarchy. If technical and business processes have to be described, other methods, such as BPMN or UML are used rather than EPCs.

SOA1 is referenced throughout this record. 7. Select Next. 9. Click on Install. 10.Await the set up to complete-it takes a short while. Once SOA is installed into Oracle Home we will be ready to Install OSB on that. 2. When the install wizard Welcome display screen comes up, select Next.

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This step explains detail for configuring the WebLogic server area for the SOA server. 2. When the configuration wizard’s Welcome display screen comes up, select Create a new WebLogic domain, and click on Next then. 3. Select Generate a domains and choose SOA Suite, Business Manager, and Business Activity Monitoring. Dependent products automatically are chosen.

4. Click on Next. 5. Enter the domain name: area1. 6. Select Next. 7. Enter an individual name as weblogic and a security password. The password welcome1 is assumed in this document nevertheless, you should choose your own secure security password please remember it for later in the document when the security password is referenced. 8. Click on Next. 11 and leave Development Mode checked.

10. Select Next. 11. Within the Configure JDBC Component Schema screen, you decide on the components that you want to change, and then get into the house value for those components. First, select every one of the components and enter welcome1 for the password in the Schema Password field. 12. With all of the checkboxes selected, enter the Service, Host, and Port values. 13. Now, go through the table. Review the Schema Owner column and concur that the values are the same as what you configured in the Configure Schema section when you ran the RCU.