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If this is your business, how can you generate new business ideas to get customers interested in your product or service? Ask Your Customers – Your loyal customers may be one of the best methods to generate new business ideas. Invite your customers to your place of business and provide refreshments. Ask them what they like about your service or product and what they don’t like. Use those basic suggestions to improve your service or product through customer input. For example, if they love your product, however the business outside offers a discount or customer rewards for repeat purchases of the same product or service, why aren’t you offering a discount?

Explore the Unknown – Your visitors can also help you with this. Years we were all quite happy without the World Wide Web back, but now that people own it we are lost without it. Entrepreneur minds are creative minds. What can you offer to your customers that they want but don’t know they need?

Come up with your personal ideas and get some customer input. Ask an Expert – Business-consulting companies can be costly, but often their fees are negotiable, especially for the tiny business owner. After all, they are trying to generate business too. Shop around for consulting firms that specialize in the product or service you sell. Be upfront and honest about what you’re charging, who your visitors are, and what methods you currently use to sell.

Was the Old Way Better? Many towns and towns have business development centers full of entrepreneur retirees that could love to tell you their success stories and offer advice. Take advantage of this free service and keep an open mind. Sometimes, the old sales pitch idea is still the best sales page idea.

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Connect With Your Vendors – Your suppliers give you the inventory you need to sell. Use their product understanding of the industry you’re in to support you in finding new products to market. For example, if you are available scented candles, can your merchant find you a way to obtain unique scented candles you don’t have?

You can also brainstorm with your vendors and ask them to create something that may get your visitors excited. There are all types of methods of producing business ideas and whether you want to revamp your existing business or start a new one, you have to reinvent the wheel don’t. You can, however, on proven methods that work like market research rely, customer input, vendor alliances, branding your business, as well as perhaps being an innovator by turning your business green or starting a fresh green business.