21 Best METHODS TO Remove Dead Skin From Feet

Are your ft looking ugly, dry and rough? Then it’s probably because of dead skin on feet. A lovely, gentle foot always reflects good health. So start taking proper care of feet before the dead skin on it leads to cracks, pain, burning and itching sensation. Dryness and lack of moisture are the main reasons that trigger dead skin.

This is triggered due to bathing in hot water, feet staying in drinking water for longer period of time, low humidity and harsh cleaning soap. People who have diabetes, psoriasis and eczema also experience accumulation of dried out and inactive pores and skin on feet. There are plenty of ways to eliminate dead skin on your toes yet natural ways can be safe and cost-effective. This is a list of remedies with 100 % natural ingredients mainly available at home. You can try them and maintain proper foot hygiene.

Make sure to follow the instructions and take away the dead skin properly, if not it can result in thick skin, development of warts or corns on your feet. The following methods are to execute prior to going to bed best. Since it helps your feet to soak in the moisturizing natural oils or cream put on them. Warm water helps to loosen the dead skin accumulate on your feet.

It also really helps to relieve any risk of strain from the muscles. Fill up a basin or bucket with lukewarm drinking water. Soak your foot for 20 minutes. Now you can scrub them and rinse off with drinking water. Dry your foot using a soft towel. Moisturize your ft with any cream or feet cream of your decision. Before going to bed, wear a set of socks and sleep. Epsom sodium contains magnesium which helps to get rid of toxins from your feet.

It is also recognized to improve the blood flow in your feet. Soak your foot in lukewarm drinking water. Make use of a softening cleaning soap or washrag to clean your feet (space among toes, around ankle and bottom level of your toes). Pat dried out and analyze the feet to notice the areas that want scrubbing.

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Fill up the basin with lukewarm water. Add some Epsom salt (one or two handful should be fine) directly into it. Soak your ft until the drinking water gets cool. Remove the ft from drinking water and place them in a smooth towel. Let it dry for ten minutes and then scrub your feet to remove the dead skin. Soak your toes again in lukewarm water for 10 minutes.

Remove and pat the skin dry. Apply some moisturizer and wear socks to let the foot absorb the oils. Repeat three times a week. Paraffin wax is known to soften the skin and retain the moisture. In addition, it really helps to reduce the accumulated of dried out useless skin. Heat some paraffin wax using a double boiler or microwave. Add some coconut oil into it and stir well. Apply the mix on your feet. It’s rather a little hot while applying nevertheless, you shall get altered to it.

Wear a pair of sock onto it and Leave it on overnight. Using a soft clean scrub the wash and application off with lukewarm drinking water. The acidic nature present in the lemons which soften the accumulated dead skin cells. They make your skin soft and vibrant. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water. Add some lemon juice in it.