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Kickboards, Noodles, And Water Weights – Oh My! This adult aqua course is created for all those swimming levels when using the entire pool. Each class has modifications or advanced moves with respect to the individual fitness level. The water actions are designed to improve muscles, improve cardiovascular endurance, and increase flexibility. Come enjoy a fun energized course with motivating music in the background. Please note that Pathfinder doesn’t have continuous stairs for admittance into the water.

I always spiced up the ground beef with a small amount of onion or garlic or both. I cooked the bottom meat first. Then I would serve myself about a cup of ground beef in a bowl and top it with about 3 tablespoons of butter. I really like the salted KerryGold butter myself but any real butter will do. Man, ground beef, and butter are delicious! Crazy good. I ate enough to fill me up just. It’s filling and it lasts a long time before I am hungry again. My surface beef meal was swimming in butter. Remember, I am extra fat designed and I’ve been doing the Keto Diet 7 weeks now.

The first day I had been down a whole pound in a single day! I was trending at a 1/2 a pound weight loss weekly! I used to be ecstatic to immediately lose a whole pound! Update: A reader asked if developing a cup of ground beef each day would put me over my protein amount when tracking my macros.

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The answer was no. I made a decision to catch my macro numbers in a screenshot and share them here with you. Yesterday, I needed my 2 cups coffee (with butter and cream) in the morning, ground beef with butter for lunch and dinner. Then I ate about 4 crunchy pork rinds. I drank plenty of water and took my supplements.

I am down another 1.5 pounds today! This is what my tracking looks like. The very next day I lost another pound immediately! I broke my weight loss stall! Before this test, A week plus some weeks nothing at all I lost only 1/2 pound. I say only but that’s still pretty darn good since I still need to reduce more weight. I mention this because it’s easy to look at the huge success of other peoples weight reduction and compare it to your own.

We (me too) should stop carrying this out because, again, everyone’s body is different. Head over here to start to see the total results of the Beef and Butter Fast Experiment! I still consumed my morning coffee with butter of course. Each day that consisted of floor meat and butter Then I essentially ate two meals. Discuss easy meals.