Little Porcelain Princess

As usual, this bag came with the little cards describing the descriptions and prices of everything that is within the handbag. Soothe skin with this rich cucumber gel. It will provide a cooling and soothing relief. To Use: Apply all over skin, especially in sunburned areas. The phallic packaging of the product is guaranteed to cause giggles to any adults in the area, as is the bumpy texture of the plastic! I’m super interested to use this product, but I haven’t been sunburnt in about 7 years (I may be a vampire) and I don’t feel too hot usually, so I don’t know how helpful this will be for me personally!

This 3-in-1 magic product offers security from Ultra violet rays, moisturising properties, and acts as a base to set your makeup all day. Willow Bark Papaya and extract Fruit extract increases cell turnover to help effectively detoxify the pores, and improve skin texture as it gently sweeps away dead skin cells and impurities that can dull the complexion. To Use: Connect with face and body before going outdoors. The packaging for this sunscreen is very luxurious, it even includes it’s own little stand!

One of the only things I dislike more than unneeded abbreviations is metallic packaging. Pretty – yes, but photogenic – no. I love that has a little “on-off” switch so the pump doesn’t accidentally depress during travel. I’m uncertain how this will work as an fact, but it’s really lightweight and leaves a moisturised surface finish.

I don’t think it’s great on your own since it makes my face feel a little greasy, but it works wonderfully under constitute! Flavoured lip balm protects lips with SPF15. Offers a pleasurable flavour as well. To Use: Apply throughout the day. This cherry shaped and scented lip balm is sweet ridiculously!

  • Soak your feet again in lukewarm drinking water for 10 minutes
  • Wear sunscreen always… even in the winter. If you are outside, you need it. Period
  • Where is your preferred spot to visit
  • Minor fallout from the dark brown pan is an issue
  • 7 years ago from Oakley, CA
  • Potassium sorbate as a safe preservative
  • It feels great on your skin
  • Stop smoking

It has a glossy peach colored tint that appears very natural on the lips and doesn’t flavor too much like plastic material. It’s lightly hydrating and contains SPF15, I’d definitely recommend this to Princesses that don’t possess super duper dry lips! The cucumber face mask hydrates and skin with nutrients.

It also increases epidermis absorption potential. To Use: Apply 10-20 minutes to completely clean skin them remove. Massage remaining essence into skin. This is a fantastic choice of face mask for summer season because cucumber is always so refreshing and air conditioning! The hyaluronic acid cover up moisturises deeply. This mask infuses the skin to boost firmness and elasticity, and instantly enhances softness in your skin.

To Use: Apply 20-30 minutes to clean skin, then remove. Massage remaining essence into skin. I’m uncertain about using an intensely moisturising face mask during hot weather, but I guess when you yourself have dry skin it’s usually dry! I’ll be aiming to utilize this during Spring when my epidermis isn’t too greasy!