The Zombie Cyclist

My kid Michael on the left, and me at the top of Ebbetts Pass. From Seventeen to Seventy, How I Can’t Stay Away from Ebbetts Move Just. Full disclosure, I did not complete The Death Ride this year (or any other year for that matter). What I did do is to participate in The Death Ride by firmly taking the opportunity to climb Ebbetts Pass, one of the five hill passes that constitute this epic event.

Exactly what’s The Death Ride? 5) and then back to the begin to complete the ride. Registered riders who aren’t up fully ride receive the option of doing lesser trips of four, three, two, or as in my case, one move. The official one pass ride would have been to the very best of Monitor pass and back to the start, but for a couple of reasons (listed below) I made a decision to ride Ebbetts Pass instead.

I’m confident nobody cared, the organizers are very strict about a few of their guidelines, but this appears never to be one of these. The masses putting your signature on in the day before the trip. 3,500 enrolled in the event. It had been with some apprehension which i noticed I had been the fattest guy in the room.

Why did I, a guy just 2 weeks short of his 70th birthday, chose to attend this specific event? The main reason is that my older kid Michael has been worked up about this ride ever since he learned of its lifestyle, and has wanted to attend it with me. A second reason is that there surely is a cycling custom of “riding your birthday”, which this season could have supposed riding 70 miles on your day of my upcoming 70th birthday. So easily didn’t complete the 129 mile Death Ride, how much riding did I really do?

I rode 49 miles, completed 4,500 feet of climbing, and spent 5 hours doing so. Although this is a subjective estimate, Personally i think quite strongly that this was the next hardest trip of my entire life; I was so exhausted at the very top, I started crying, something that hasn’t before happened to me.

This is the second challenge ride in a row that I came across difficult to complete. Exactly what does this say about my training? Subjectively, I feel like both experiences were very different. In the run up to my earlier challenge ride, The creative art of Survival, I was exhausted constantly almost; I felt like I used to be struggling with overtraining.

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I certainly experienced tired days in the run up to The Death Ride, however they weren’t unrelenting like my earlier experience, and generally, I sensed I was controlling my fatigue pretty well. In fact, the two training rides up Kings Mountain I did to specifically plan the Death Ride were the quickest of the four times I have ridden that climb. The audience near the top of the move. The crowds were so great there had to be “traffic control” at the top to avoid those of us taking a break there from obstructing the riders exceeding the very best from both directions.

The organizers provided chair for the riders along with food, drink, bathrooms, and a bicycle repair facility. The Ebbetts Pass sign can hardly be observed in the heart of the picture. How was the ride for my son? He is a much better cyclist than I, and it is a measure of his love for me personally that he stayed with me completely to the top of Ebbetts Pass. A repeating theme of this blog is the key role friends play in my own cycling experiences.

This ride was no exception. One of my son’s best friends from High School (who is also called Michael) owns a home a few mls from the start of The Death Ride, and we stayed with him. He could be a very good cyclist also. The Death was completed by him Ride, all five passes, all 129 miles, all 15,000 feet of climbing. He began in regards to a half an full hour before we did, but because we skipped Monitor Pass, I was resting at the top when he rode over Ebbetts pass.