Dating An Investment Banker

We ended getting the same investment bank conversation. That I miss him, that his hours shall only get worse, that won’t change. I halted pretending that maybe it’s dealt with by me. I didn’t want to have this conversation until he heard back about the investment banking position. But he said he was happy that we had it now because this is something that he stated to want to know. Less than half an hour after we experienced his dialogue, he sent out two texts. Someone to the Investment Banking people, and someone to the Asset Management people. He told the ibankers that he wouldn’t be taking the positioning, and he inquired about the job with the Asset Management people further.

I tried to get him to slow down and not jump to decisions so quickly, but he said that waiting around didn’t matter. His decision would remain the same regardless. This morning, morning text message when i delivered him a good, I couldn’t stop pretending that I didn’t listen to his modulation of voice, even through his text messages.

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S: I feel like you’re disappointed in me, is that true? H: I’m disappointed in us. I thought we could manage this. S: Its my problem, not yours. H: Its our problem. S: You’ve done everything you can, every day even minute of. H: Whose fault it is doesn’t change anything. S: I guess so, I simply don’t want one to look back and feel like you made the incorrect choice. H: I’ll imagine we’ll find out easily made the wrong decision. S: H, I don’t want one to do anything you don’t want to do. I really like you and I’d like whichever it is that you want.

S: That you’ll resent me. H: Most of us have to make sacrifices. S: But yours is such a large sacrifice. H: Its better than sacrificing us. I’ve sent him two messages since his “Its better than sacrificing us”, pretty much telling him that I understand he isn’t too happy with me right now, but how important he is to me and how much I really like him.

He’s read them, but no response. My guess is that the guys at work are trying to speak him out of transferring face to face, and that he’s sense like shit. What have I done? I panicked and sat right down to think about what I had formed done. He hasn’t read the message yet. I sent it one hour ago. Fingers crossed this won’t blow up inside our faces.

From the CSO we realize that such “in-house” R&D expenses is relatively small in Ireland. The other source is net R&D imports. This is the main contributor to R&D GFCF in Ireland. We can use Eurostat Balance of Payments data to see how much of an outlier Ireland is. In 2012, in nominal conditions, Ireland had the third highest level of R&D imports, behind only Germany and France with the united kingdom on practically the same amount. It is when you go through the figures as a proportion of GDP (albeit using the ESA95 figures which Eurostat provides) that people can see the amount of of the outlier Ireland is.

These expenditures are equivalent to around 3 per cent of Irish GDP. Finland is the only other country with a level above 1 % of GDP. However, this is one part of the potential of the scheme. Thus far we have viewed the R&D expenses that occurs here presently.

There is also the R&D expenditure that might happen here. We know MNCs do not generate their IP here however they do exploit it here. The largest payments from Ireland for IP are not R&D cost-sharing expenditures but patent royalties. With regards to these in a European framework Ireland is off the chart.