Media Business & Future Of Journalism (JEM499)

NBC Nightly News, and Jon Stewart announcing that he’ll be leaving Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Stewart was progressively being challenged over whether he slanted tales and remaining important elements out in his efforts to sensationalize stories and to challenge guests on his program. Stewart has long kept that his show was satire and therefore shouldn’t be kept to the same standard as traditional information, although he desired the imprimatur of information for his program also.

One effect of the two announcements has been a degree of self-examination within the news business over precisely how important reliability and straight factual coverage is, or should be, for both reporters and news stores. A less controversial, and more disheartening, story was last night’s announcement that CBSNews’ Bob Simon had been killed in an automobile crash in New York City.

Simon was a passenger in a limo whose drivers evidently lost control, and was hit by another engine car. On the slightly lighter note, an area TV news crew from San Francisco were assaulted and robbed of their equipment as they were overall after a live remote. And that robbery and assault was only the latest in a growing number of attacks on TV news crews in the San Francisco area.

The situation was so very bad that for some time some news channels hired security for their remote crews. And while the issue of how credible and honest information should be continuing, the reputation of major news outlets was taking flack from other recent events. Then came a story in the New York Observer about an activist who defined how he intentionally manipulated mass media coverage.

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If you have a tale that provokes-real or not-they have the time. Give them the guarantee of traffic and a little plausible denial and you’re in. In the story, the activist offers a blueprint for how to plant and hype a story, essentially through astroturfing controversy and building “growing concern” through social media. And NBC’s current nervous about reliability and objectivity seems somewhat hypocritical, given the behavior of its wire news route (MSNBC) – identified as the utmost blatantly partisan information source by Pew Research.

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