Beauty Call Manila: Review

A very big thanks a lot for bringing them home to me Ate Djho! 20 or around 1,000 pesos for a set of brushes, I would as well get the real thing from the ongoing company itself. I am amazed by how these brushes fit just how I want the merchandise to be on my face, and to be honest, the brushes are extremely versatile as well actually. THE TRUE Techniques Blush Brush is big and fluffy rather, so that it can serve as a fluffy powder brush also.

And even though you have a smaller face, if you angle this brush on just where you want the blush to go, you will get too much never. The setting brush is shaped in a way that it is easier for you to put on setting powder underneath your eyes, and additionally, it may double as a brush used for your highlighter or bronzer for contouring. The Expert Face Clean is one of my favorites actually.

It is so flexible, I can utilize it with liquid cream or foundation foundation. It could serve as a buffing brush, or a stippling brush for foundation even, concealer, or blush even. I came across it very useful when doing deep contouring with bronzer also. The Real Techniques Buffing Brush is very flexible similar to the Expert Face Clean also. Since I already use the Real Techniques Foundation Brush and Stippling Brush for my foundation, This Buffing is used by me Brush to highlight my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, or sometimes to create powder on my face.

Since this clean will be a lot smaller than my big fluffy powder brush, I take this with me instead after i am out or on a trip to do my touch – ups. This brush is an overall must Now. Because I’ve found this to be very useful in applying my eyeshadow, I have decided to buy the Real Techniques Starter Set also. This shading brush can apply powder or cream eyeshadow, and can also make blending in the outer crease a breeze even for my almond shaped eyes. And even though I did not get a photo of me using it, my absolute holy grail brush is the Real Techniques Foundation Brush.

  1. Save your dried out cuticles
  2. 1/8 cup ground almonds (A espresso grinder works well)
  3. A great USDA certified organic & paraben free moisturizer for pores and skin care
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Seriously, this is actually the best base clean I have ever used. Ever. It applies the building blocks well really, spreads it consistently at half time, and it doesn’t leave those lines behind that you usually get from other basis brushes. The clean is amazing simply. So, to summarize my review, though I still use my Mac, Bobbi Brown, and Eco Tools brushes, I am going to go for Real Techniques any moment definitely. Real techniques brushes are inexpensive, really great quality, easy to clean, doesn’t deform even after numerous washing, lightweight, and I just love that most of the brushes can stand alone.

Here in the Philippines, I saw that this Ramp in Glorietta Makati has been offering them at prices pretty near the ones on the website of Real Techniques. I have also noticed numerous online sellers on Instagram offering the products, if you are interested, do send me a message and you will be referred by me to them.

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