Skin Care Routine That Won’t Break The Bank

I have always been someone that challenges with oily pores and skin, breakouts, sleeping in my makeup, and other conditions that are beyond my control and absolutely not my fault totally. I never had bad acne, per say, but during senior high school I almost experienced blemish free pores and skin. Thanks to aging, my skin considerably has cleared up, but I still find myself with pimples once in a while. Secondly, I’ve crazy large pores. The worst part is these skin pores live on my already large nose; it’s an extremely twofer (did you know “twofer” is the best word?).

So, finally, I decided to do something positive about it! I examined out different products and came up with a regular that is, for me, the best value for your money! And foremost First, the best and cheapest thing that can be done for your skin layer is stay hydrated! I will not bore you with all of the scientific details, but remember that your skin layer is an organ made up of cells and cells. Cells need water in order to receive nutrients, excrete waste, and receive oxygen.

Without enough water, your cells will not function properly causing your skin to become tight, dry, and flaky. Not only is dry skin more susceptible to wrinkling, but foundations and other makeup products won’t adhere as well to a dried out surface. Though it has nothing to do with the name (don’t fact check me here), this magical little potion offers many great benefits!

Witch hazel consists of compounds with strong anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in the treatment and prevention of acne and inflammation. Apply the water topically after cleaning and/or steaming that person Simply! Additionally, witchhazel is an astringent; astringents cause your skin layer tissue to contract and can result in shrunken pores.

  • O’Keeffe’s Working Hands is designed to effectively relieve dried out hands that crack and break up
  • Gets more sensitive or painful
  • Shave right after bathing, when hair is smooth
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  • To avoid irritation, do not scrub other areas of the face with the cotton ball or pad
  • Drink a lot of filtered baptize to hydrate pores and skin
  • Hit up a laser beam treatment

Bacteria that triggers acne, can be avoided from entering into your skin pores even! Witch hazel can also help treat scalp sensitivity and stop dandruff. Often times, scalps may become itchy and dry due to hair shampoo chemicals. To avoid this, either buy a shampoo which has witchhazel (see link below) or apply some witch hazel to your scalp before washing. Some studies even suggest that witch hazel has the capacity to inhibit herpes simplex virus 1 aka cool sores. Kenra Clarifying Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce Buy Now Cetaphil Daily Cleanser I’m all about saving cash though! I saw the off-brand Studio Selection, browse the elements in both, made a decision it was close enough, and offered it a go.

I really enjoy this cosmetic scrub! It’s intense enough to complete the job, but also soft enough to be utilized daily. As an added bonus, there is a great apricot body scrub also! P.s. I attempted the Studio Selection Oil-Free Acne Wash and I love it. I didn’t include it in this list because it really dries your skin layer out! As I before said, I have greasy skin and hate using lotion, because my face can look gross. After using the Oil-Free Acne Wash, I absolutely have to put up lotion. My hubby on the other hand, has dry skin and it could destroy his beautiful face. User discretion is advised.