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USA Import Data

USA Import Data provides market research and analysis online. Accessible from any computer, it’s available in many formats. The database is easy to use and its executives can be reached for any assistance. It’s important to point out that the data available is outdated – it dates back to 2016 and could benefit from an update. Should you have virtually any inquiries with regards to where by along with the way to employ us import data, you’ll be able to e-mail us on our own webpage.


One of the most important factors that affect the profit of a business is the information that is contained in its import data. It is crucial to know what your competition is importing, the price, and what duty they will charge. For your products to be competitive, it is important to know what HS codes they use to identify the ports at which they originate and end. This is all available in the PIERS database.

The detailed records of each container in the USA’s exports and imports data include details about their origin. This includes information about the shipper, linked website destination ports, product description, weight, quantity, and value of goods exported.


It is essential to have accurate import data in order to be able to operate a successful import company. This data will give you insight into the performance of your competitors as well as their spending on imports. It is important to find out what imports your competitors are making and how much duty they have paid. You can also track active US Buyers with this data.

This data can be gathered using the Better Trade Tool. The tool provides the aggregate value of all imported goods as well as country-good pairings. You can also view import data by tariff code, and even see which countries import the same goods from your country.

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Cost of shipping

Cost of shipping is an important component of the costs of importing goods from the US. To analyze trends in freight rates, import data can be used on both the US and international markets. By identifying trends in imports, the government and private companies can negotiate favorable terms. These data can help to determine the relative price of different commodities and the duties on them.

International shipping costs fluctuate greatly. They are positively related to international trade volume. This is due to normal supply and demand forces. International shipping is less popular during a recession. As a result, international trade volume decreases, so costs fall.

Main import partners

Many countries are major trading partners for the United States. China was the most important trading partner in the United States, with imports exceeding 506.4 billion U.S. dollar. Canada, Mexico (Germany), and Japan are all important trading partners. This chart shows the influence of the top five trading countries on the United States economy.

The United States imported USD 2,407 trillion worth of goods from its major international partners in 2020. The total amount decreased by 6.3% from the previous year, but the United States remained the world’s largest importer. Automobiles, machinery and electrical and electronics equipment are the most important import commodities. Other products include pharma products and mineral fuels, pearls and precious stones, as well as optical and photographic equipment.

Data sources

The United States government produces a database of import and export transactions for more than 80 countries. The database is updated every month and includes detailed information about international trade. Importers can also access historical trade statistics. The data is accessible for 43 days following the expiration of the statistical month. However, these statistics may not be completely accurate.

The Census Bureau and Department of Commerce have US import data. You can sort the data by country, commodity, or processing level. You can also view the data on a monthly basis. This is especially useful for identifying trends. The data can help businesses determine which products are the most profitable, or which products are in high demand. When you’ve got any type of inquiries regarding where and the best ways to utilize import export data, you can call us at our web site.