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Vintage Turquoise Jewelry

Vintage turquoise jewelry is an elegant way navigate to this web-site bring a dash of charm and class to your wardrobe. These pieces are beautifully handcrafted and can be worn with any style. If you have any kind of questions concerning in which and the best way to employ Rhinestone Jewelry, you possibly can call us in our page.

Turquoise is one the oldest gemstones that has been mined. It was discovered over 3,000 year ago in Persia, Iran. Antique Persian turquoise jewelry that has been carved and inlaid with gold is highly sought-after today.


Vintage turquoise is a striking hue that can be found in many jewelry settings. This sky-blue stone can be paired with both grays and neutrals, but also yellows and pinks.

Antique turquoise is a valuable gemstone that has deep links to Native American culture. It is highly valued in cultures like Navajo and Pueblo Hopi for its ceremonial as well as “protective” properties.

Many older turquoise jewelry pieces show signs of age, due to finger oils and exposure to elements. Some pieces have been stabilized to make them more resistant for jewelry use.

The Kingman Mine, Mohave County in Arizona, has produced some the most beautiful turquoise ever found. This mine has been operated by the Colbaugh family since 1970.


Vintage turquoise gemstones often feature a matrix, which may not be the most stunning component of the stone but nonetheless, it does possess its own charm. This can be any material, from quartz navigate to this web-site metallic Pyrite. Each has its own unique characteristics that creates pieces of extraordinary depth and vibrancy.

The most influential factors when assessing the worth of a matrix-laden stone are color and pattern. While some people prefer lighter hues that enhance natural blues and greens, others opt for deeper tones which draw attention away from these natural hues.

The matrix is a controversial topic, but it has been noted as one of the major reasons why turquoise has become so popular. Not only does it highlight impressive colors and shapes within a stone, but museum grade pieces often showcase them for their intrinsic beauty rather than just their price tag value.

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Turquoise is one of the most beloved gemstones for jewelry design. It is a December birthstone and adds a unique flair to any collection.

It has been used for centuries as a symbol to bring good luck, wealth, and beauty. It played an integral role in Native American culture and today can be found as an iconic stone used for fine jewelry designs.

Turquoise, unlike other gems, has a unique texture that reflects both its structure and its composition. It is composed of microscopic, tightly packed crystals that when exposed form a solid block.

This texture is what gives turquoise its distinctive appearance. It can range from opaque and waxy to transparent and dull. It also adds to the luster and durability of turquoise.

Take care

Vintage turquoise should always be properly cared for when worn. The stone can easily become stained, damaged or even lose its setting if it isn’t properly cared for.

Tarnishing is particularly common in silver jewelry. To clean it, use a lint-free cloth to wipe down both metal parts and stones.

However, you should avoid using cleaning chemicals that could harm the turquoise. Instead, you can use a mild soap with a soft fabric.

The stones should be rubbed until they sparkle. Be sure not to place this piece in water as this could loosen and cause the stones to drop out.

For protection, you should also store your jewelry in an enclosed box. You should not wear it when doing strenuous exercises or while wearing heavy clothes, as this can cause the stones cracking and chipping. If you have any inquiries relating to where and how you can use Art Deco Jewelry, you can call us at the site.