9 Website Design Blunders You Must Avoid

Internet is filled with millions websites and it’s really impossible to seize the audiences’ attention with out a spectacular design. From the layout to the navigation system, everything performs an essential role in a website’s success and you have to provide equivalent importance to them while creating a niche site. However, sometimes web site designers make small mistakes in design and that effect on the website’s success.

Here is a list of 9 mistakes you must avoid to create a lovely and useful website. Message ISN’T Clear- When a consumer will come to your internet site for the first time, he shall spend only a few secs in your site to learn about your business. Ensure that an individual gets an obvious idea about your products, services, location etc. within a short time. If the users can’t get an idea about your business immediately, he will leave you site. Improper Usage of Colors- Some designers use way too many colors in their website design and tire the viewer’s eyes.

If you utilize various colors or get one of these wrong color mixture, it will drive the mark audience away. Only use 2-3 colors in your design and make sure they match with one another to create a visual balance. Unreadable Content- Choose proper font styles and font size for your site’s text message content. If the user can’t read what items you sell or what services you offer, how do he buy a product from your website? Unorganized Content- Users check out any website’s content without reading it line by line. If you write long paragraphs, no one is going to read your site.

Organize your articles with the help of headings, bullet points, numbered lists etc. and attract the audiences’ focus on the right places. Not Informing the Users- Once you ask a user to share his personal information with you, simply tell him why you need that given information and that his private information will stay safe. This is an extremely essential aspect for successful ecommerce website design. If an individual doesn’t feel safe to share his credit card details with you, your business will suffer. Complicated Navigation- That is possibly the most severe mistake you may make in any website design.

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If the user can’t understand how he can go from one page to another or where he should click for particular information, your website is complete failing. Ensure that your website’s menu club is situated at a proper place and everyone can understand which web page consists of what content. Flash Intro Without Skip Button- Flash intro certainly improves a website’s beauty, if a users have to wait for a long time just to see the Flash intro, they won’t check your site. If you wish to use Flash intro in your site, then give a “skip intro” button so that the viewers can click on that button and get instant access to the primary site.

Placing the Advertisements at the Wrong Places- Advertisements are essential to earn revenue from your website, but don’t place them anywhere. If the visitor’s view gets obstructed because of the advertisements, he will be disappointed. Place the advertisements on the left or right sidebar so the users face no difficulty while reading the content.