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Ok, so how many times has this happened to you? You simply acquired a freshly formatted laptop, and you must print something, nevertheless it has no printers on it. No drawback, you test to seek out your nearest printer (I’m in a client’s office today) after which obtain the driver right?

Ok, so the nearest printer to me occurs to be an HP OfficeJet L7780 all in one. Now I don’t want the scanner or other features accessable from my pc, I simply have to print. So I am going to HP’s webpage to download the printer driver. I do know that they’ll strive to provide me an installer with scanner software program, etc. on it, however I just need a printer driver. I select Windows XP ‘cause that’s what I’m utilizing. Now it has a few options. There is a full function software program and driver.

Little question that features the scanner software and extra that I already said I don’t want. It comes in at a whopping 314MB. Good thing I don’t want all of that. Let’s see what else? There is a CD ordering choice. Two software elimination utilites. A wireless configuration utility. Well I go for the one for IT pros anyway (hey I’m a professional proper?) though it’s a full version older.

I like the concept of it being over 20MB smaller, and the new software is probably just for the scanner. Ok after the relatively lengthy obtain across an overburdened wireless community I get my .exe file. Double clicking it expands to a new folder with my drivers in it. That folder is a whopping 80MB with 280 files and 26 folders.

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Wow that’s some printer driver. I determined I couldn’t stand it and needed to dissect the driver installer and see what further stuff I might eradicate. The 80MB folder with 280 recordsdata and 26 folders is now 9MB with 7 recordsdata and 0 folders. Now let’s see what I kept. This eliminated a number of MB however wasn’t too vital. I additionally kept the .cat file which supplies the driver signature. Without this the driver will still install however you’ll get a nasty warning from home windows that the file could possibly be malicious and asking in case you are completely sure you want to put in it. The other information you see there have vital driver installation information. All the other files I eradicated, I did not want. Numerous them were HP’s picture viewing software program, scanner software, OCR software program, and so on. Like I said, I just wanted to print!

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