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Its president, Vincent Kwo, said the amount has remained continuous for a true number of years. Kwo said this might put additional money back to the pocket of the rakyat to relieve them of their financial burden and to encourage them to have a better financial plan for the near future.

On the medical and education insurance, he said, with rising medical costs, the current tax comfort of RM3,000 was inadequate to accommodate the needs of a typical family. He said with the ageing inhabitants and increasing costs, an exclusive pension system was required to supplement the income for the existing generation who stop working in future years. Kwo hoped that authorities would extend the current tax relief of 10 years and take away the eight % taxes on the annuity finance to be like the private retirement plan, that was tax-free.

January 16 – Wall Street Journal (Andrew Browne): “The last time Washington mobilized for a trade war, Ronald Reagan was chief executive and Japan the adversary. Today, the White House is readying the same big guns-a mix of tariffs and quotas-aimed mainly at Chinese imports. It offers in its sights everything from metal to solar panels and washers. A record Chinese annual trade surplus with the U.S., week announced last, calendar year of bluster from Leader Donald Trump is the catalyst for hostilities after a. January 19 – Reuters (Michael Martina and Kevin Yao): “As influential voices within the U.S.

  • It includes creation or income gained by Americans anywhere in the world
  • AND you do not want to call those home based tasks “jobs” OR “work” –
  • Minimize and control the impact of regrettable events
  • BNP Paribas
  • Corporations are heavily with debt (see #2) that will cut into earnings
  • Royalty Exchange
  • Investor need to pay the original service charge

China that U.S. President Donald Trump is seriously interested in difficult action over Beijing’s trade procedures, there is little sense of a crisis in the Chinese capital, where officials think he is bluffing. In Beijing, many experts think Washington is unwilling to pay the heavy economic price had a need to upset prevailing trade dynamics between the world’s two largest economies.

Hanging over trade relations are several questions into whether metal and light weight aluminum imports… are harming U.S. January 17 – Reuters (Jeff Mason and David Lawder): “U.S. President Donald Trump… said that terminating the UNITED STATES Free Trade Agreement would lead to the ‘best offer’ to revamp the 24-year-old trade pact with Canada and Mexico and only U.S.

Lawmakers as well as agricultural and industrial groupings have warned Trump never to stop NAFTA, but he said which may be the outcome. ‘We’re renegotiating NAFTA now. We’ll see what happens. January 19 – Bloomberg (Rich Miller): “Federal Reserve policy manufacturers are openly voicing their willingness to accept above-target inflation even while price pressures are starting to build.

January 16 – Wall Street Journal (Martin Feldstein): “Year after year, the currency markets has roared forward, powered by the Federal Reserve’s easy financial policy exceedingly. The result is a fragile financial situation-and potentially a steep drop somewhere up ahead. To cope with the Great Recession, the Fed cut interest rates to a historic low. 4.4 trillion now. Mr. Bernanke described that this ‘unconventional’ monetary policy was designed to encourage an asset-substitution impact.

Investors would shift out of bonds and into equities and real property. January 19 – Bloomberg (Brandon Kochkodin): “Volatility was one of the never-ending speaking points of 2017… The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, or VIX, completed the year with the cheapest average daily level on record. Year During the, we saw the market’s fear gauge set a new record low when it closed at 9.14 on Nov. 3. Want more perspective?

Try this: Arrange all the trading times this millennium from most affordable to highest by the value of the VIX that day. The first 41 entries on that list would all be from 2017! Fully 80 of the top 100 calmest days since the switch of the century were in recently.