Beauty, Inside And Out

I am privileged to talk about my name with a few special people, one being my oldest girl, Maristela. My little “Stela”, as we call her, is the 5th era to transport on the special family name indicating “Star of the Sea”. Also to me, my Stela is the STAR greater than just the ocean!

When we’re out in public areas, she is so friendly and quick to say “HI” (or “HOLA”) to others, without judgement or reservations. You can just see that she actually is truly happy to be alive! Day The other, I observed something about Stela, which i hadn’t noticed before. But, before you are informed by me what that was, I must offer you a bit more history on this little superstar of ours.

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  • Smile! Many people are as happy as they constitute their minds to be

She kisses the princesses on her clothes, she kisses her dolls, the animals in her story books too. Day I viewed Stela one, as a seat was taken by her in her favorite zebra printing seat, for just a little break after she’d been playing. And for reasons uknown or another, appeared to be pleased with herself about something she got done extremely.

Then she appeared down at her arm and kissed it, next her leg and continued on to her toes down. Just as satisfied and happy as can be. At first I thought it was adorable and kind of funny too just. But on later, it really hit me, I realized that if she kisses those plain things or people she loves and cares about, then that must mean she that she loves and cares about herself too!

Well let me tell you something about those “pretty ” actresses. They are just like you and I. From the hundreds of faces I have worked on, weather it be considered a model or a mother of 6. Without makeup, we ALL LOOK THE SAME. All of the people the thing is on mags and in movies are forget about “beautiful” than the individuals you connect to each day. They just have a team of professionals that improve their unique features to help them show up the way they do, for the camera. I guess I’m saying this because when I was youthful, I thought celebrities had a “wow factor” that made them prettier or above the average indivdual.

But now, I know, most of us posses that “wow factor” and we can all look just as “pretty” as they do. To sum everything up, All encounters are manufactured similarly. On the other hand, not absolutely all personalities are created equally. I have worked with many talented people over the full years and for some, the makeup I applied, enhanced their amazing qualities like integrity just, humility, cheerfulness, or willingness to help others. But for others, there is no amount of makeup that could hide the self entitled and prideful countenance they carried around with them.

These two types of clients may look the exact same “pretty” smart to the human eye BUT, one of the people shines brighter than the other much. Now, while I really do love all the fun stuff that comes along with being truly a girl. I believe it is important to remember that those things ONLY bring short-term and artificial pleasure, UNLESS, we already are happy and quite happy with ourselves just how we are. Let’s make an effort to remember the example of precious Stela and also say “hey, I’m pleased with myself” and understand that it’s important remind ourselves that we do love ourselves just how we are.

So much so, that the need is felt by us to give ourselves a huge kiss once in a while! I’m saying this more metaphorically but, I am hoping you get the real point. I realize we are human, which is not easy to fight “the pull” all the time. So, if you struggle to acknowledge yourself the true way you are, just start practicing! You are able to teach yourself and get good at anything ONLY BY PRACTICE! Learn to love nice hair the real way it is, figure out how to love your system, in WHATEVER stage it’s in, learn to love your smile, even if you don’t possess “perfect” teeth. Learn to embrace your unique traits, rather than compare these to others. In the final end, it’s up to you and ONLY you!

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