Beware Ordering Items From China

When I’m not in circulation making your skin maintenance systems I’m off playing little miss detective. While looking at ladies fashion racking your brains on what design of clothes I love I found an Australian women’s fashion online website. Initially I was in awe of the pictures because the dresses are so well feminine and made.

I began to browse, making a mental take note of dresses I liked; looking at the instructions, sizing graphs, about us, contact us and conditions and terms. Supposedly order processing takes 3-5 days and then up to 12 business days to create (max 3 weeks). Couldn’t find any information on it. I delivered them a contact enquiry about site info and received a contact back that did not result from Sydney, they copied and pasted a standard response off their website and didn’t answer my question.

It was time to look for reviews and sure enough I found some on the Facebook page, 99% of which is negative. Regarding the long postage times over 1-2 months Mostly, low quality clothing not looking like the pictures and wrong sizing. All feedback are replied to with courtesy responses.

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Tracking of orders is done via an overseas (China) courier company. This lead me to question even more about the company. How could they claim to be based in Australia while selling low quality items they ship in from China? That is fake advertising and minimum. My detective work took me here, there and almost everywhere and I ended up finding out about dodgy (scam) companies that create websites in China using photos they’ve stolen from other websites and offering second rate items.

Items manufactured in sweat shop factories where employees are asked to replicate items pictured on the websites. Judging by the grade of the work often reported, the employees don’t seem very skilled and frequently do not know how to replicate the merchandise well. Customers who statement dodgy products to the ongoing companies have emails ignored, telephone numbers don’t work, items are lost in transit often, arrive second rate and have to be came back in order to receive a refund, which often isn’t given. Now this isn’t to state ALL companies from China are illegitimate false scammers; many people have purchased knockoff items they’re happy with, but BEWARE and research your options. If uncertain ask for more info because somewhere out there someone knows. One thing to consider is photos that also appear on other websites (you can do a reverse image search), this is a sure sign the photos are fake, and fake photos mean fake companies!

If your cholesterol is above 240 mg / Dl, and you have started using drugs to lower cholesterol levels, consult your doctor before trying vitamin C doses first. High blood pressure (above 140/90) is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and stroke, and also for kidney disease. Many reports show that people with high levels of vitamin C had lower blood pressure slightly less than people who have low vitamin C levels. The difference is approximately four points in the diastolic (when the center is relaxed between beats). In case your blood pressure quantities is high, vitamin C, along with exercise, losing weight, and quitting smoking can assist you lower your blood pressure down.

The immune system protects you from infections. That is done by various kinds white bloodstream cells and other chemicals as a courier who will decide where in fact the white bloodstream cells to visit and how to proceed. When healthy, you have about a trillion white bloodstream cells in the physical body.

When sick, the body will produce thousands more white blood cells to battle the disease every hour. All cells and chemical messengers had to have a lot of vitamin C can work well. We still do not know for sure whether vitamin C can prevent you from falling ill, but we realize that vitamin C may help you get over illness more quickly. If you are sick and tired or have an infection, take supplement C more than normal will help boost the immune system. One sign of scurvy is a wound that can’t be cured or old wounds resurfaced.

Therefore you will need supplement C to make collagen, which will repair connective cells and heal wounds. Vitamin C will help you heal faster if you have cuts, scrapes, broken bones, burns, or other injury types. If you’re having surgery, degrees of vitamin C you might be low after surgery, we have no idea exactly why it happened.