Business License FAQs

How can I apply for a business license? All businesses necessary to have a City of Chattanooga Business must also have a Hamilton County Business License. What is the cost of a business license? 15 for finding a business license. This covers the inital business tax registration only. After sign up businesses must adhere to Tenn.

Code Ann. §§ 67-4-708(1) – (5) and Tenn. What payment types are accepted? Payments for HOME BASED BUSINESS Licenses and Permits can be produced by cash, personal check, money order or credit card. How exactly to renew a continuing business license? How am i going to receive my renewed copy of my business license? Business licenses won’t be mailed out when these are renewed.

Renewed business permit copies will now be electronically delivered to a taxpayer’s TNTAP accounts via the message portal a day after the town of Chattanooga receives record of taxes clearance from the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Business licenses can be found to be emailed or mailed to the certified associates of the business by request only. Please use the subject line BUSINESS LICENSE COPY REQUEST. Please list the true name of the business enterprise, home address where it is located, and offer the taxes ID that the business enterprise permit was submitted under.

Where do you have a sales taxes number? How do you contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue? Which kind of permits are available? A business license does not permit procedure unless properly zoned and/ or in compliance with all other applicable state, state, or city laws and regulations, rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the owners, officers, partners, or members of a business to be aware of legislation governing business activity and to keep up with the latest legislative changes and updates as they come into effect. The following is a partial set of departments you might need to get hold of regarding specialty permits.

There may be additional unlisted departments that you’ll require to contact, which is the duty of the owners, officers, partners, or associates of the business to determine that information. Please be advised that the populous city of Chattanooga Treasury Personnel cannot provide legal advice. Therefore you are unsure of how best to start your business, it is best to consult with a business advisor always, CPA, or lawyer.

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