Does Anyone GET YOURSELF A Runny Nose Or Watery Eyes After Wearing Makeup?

Does anyone get a runny nasal area or watery eye after wearing makeup? Does anyone get a runny nose or watery eyes after wearing makeup? I thought that could be the case actually. However when I used to daily wear foundation nearly, it wasn’t a problem for me and I didn’t suffer any type of reaction. Maybe my epidermis though has transformed, so I think it’s smart to try different brands!

You’re welcome. I understand my pores and skin has changed when i transferred 30. I can’t wear any gel liners any more on my eyelids they make my eye water constantly and I’ve tried all the brands except high end. Which if I think about it, all the money I spent on trying all the different drugstore and middle range brands I possibly could have bought a couple of high end brands. The grade of ingredients don’t always mean the price though. Surely there is all- natural makeup out there or hypoallergenic ones.

  • Pollutants/ Toxins
  • 5 years ago from Tokyo, Japan
  • 100%Pure Lip Butter in Peach
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  • It is also keratolytic, (i.e. destroys and softens hard epidermis)
  • Lips: Matte and Bold

Dry pores and skin: I really believe so. It sucks up moisturizer and it is honestly unbearably itchy if I don’t put it on soon after any cleaning. Millia: For so long as I can remember. In the tops of my cheekbones and a very unfortunate one of my eyelid. Dull pores and skin: It rarely glows.

Makeup just makes it look more dull. A day I drink close to 100oz of water. I reside in Colorado, it is extremely dry here. Not smooth: I dunno if this implies textured or rough? It’s not that I have tons of bumps, my face is just not soft anymore. Fine Lines: I read somewhere on here these are not the same thing as wrinkles? Just one single smile fine range and a couple on the forehead.

They are barely visible whatsoever without make-up on. I smoked cigarettes for 5 years and quit 7 weeks ago, so maybe these were triggered by those but I had been hoping I could do something about them before they worsen. Scars: Caused by everything. Don’t even seem to go away anymore.

Didn’t have way too many but Doc put me on the contraceptive from hell last year and now I’ve like 15 scars around mouth area/chin/jaw from hormonal acne. I did so a little bit of research and it appeared like all of my issues can be targeted with Retinol. I’m anxious because I think I might have very sensitive pores and skin. I just genetically have pretty ridiculous allergies, my eye will long swell all pollen season.

I’d like to know how often you think I should apply it a week and what things to look out for. It’s the First Aid Retinal Serum, it is .25%. I purchased the MEDICAL Ultra Repair Cream moisturizer also. I had found out about possibly applying the moisturizer before the Retinol if you have sensitive skin? To anyone who read or required time to respond: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

I’ve been researching and it looks like sunscreen is super important? I wear sunscreen if I’m not wearing makeup, but I’ve been sunburned before with makeup on never. Do I have to increase my routine still? Especially with the Retinol? Makeup friendly sunscreen recommendations are extremely welcome and appreciated! Suggestions generally are.

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