Easy Steps On How To File Business 941 Tax Form Online

If you want to skip this IRS book, below you’ll find two methods (actually there’s three) regarding online filing of 941 fees and how to utilize each. Method one consists of using an approved IRS 3-Filer or what they call Business Provider Reporting Agents. If you utilize a payroll service to take care of everything from paychecks to handling 941 fees, and if they’re an approved IRS e-Filer, they can do the job for you. To find out if your payroll service can be an approved e-Filer, the IRS offers up a summary of them-you can find them here.

Often middle to large-sized employers like the freedom and ease of use of these payroll service providers as they can also document annual 940 FUTA reports (Federal Unemployment Tax) and Department of Labor income reports. In the event that you handle the payroll by yourself or have dedicated personnel to do so, you might want to choose method two from the IRS. The IRS also offers a way business owners can e-file without the use of the approved e-filer.

If you know the possible ending of this novel, you can skip the reading and follow these steps about how to file 941 employment fees online. EIN Number – To be able to take part in online e-filing, you must have an company identification EIN or number. Or a social security number if you are a sole proprietorship.

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COTS – Also known as commercial off the shelf software for e-filing, COTS is a required must if you would like to e-file 941 taxes on your own. The IRS also offers a set of approved COTS providers-you can find approved COTS providers here. Filing – When it’s time for you to file business 941 taxes forms online, the COTS software will make use of the information you enter or upload and file the proper execution. April 30th Quarterly reports are due, July 31st, October 31st and January 31st. Filers using COTS software may only file five reports a year including your annual 940 FUTA return which is due by January 31st of every year.

If there is a payment due, you can holiday resort to what I like to call-method three then! EFTPS or the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is a venue for employers to not file 941 quarterly reports but to make payments due on those reports or electronically pay 941 employment taxes due each payroll.

The 941 fees due with each payroll include all the federal taxes withheld from employee’s wages along with Social Security and Medicare taxes-and the employer’s Social Security and Medicare matching tax. It’s much simpler to enroll in the EFTPS system. All you need to complete enrollment is your EIN number (or social security number for a sole proprietorship), company name, owner’s name and a cost savings or checking routing amount to pay the IRS. EFTPS also accepts credit card payments and if your business card gains reward or points miles of any sort, this is an instant way to create them up fast.

The site does warn it might take up to 45 times to approve you, so if this is something you want to do, today enroll. So, learning how to file business 941 tax forms online isn’t hard-nor is paying via the EFTPS system. What’s hard is wanting to research and explore the countless web pages the IRS has on e-filing as it can be daunting and often takes you back to web pages you already seen! You are enrolled Once, however, using the COTS program is easy to use and you will make sure your 941 forms appear on the correct due dates. Or, if you want to miss the COTS program and the EFTPS system you can always hire a payroll service to take action for you.

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