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CELEBRITIES are always under great pressure to seem good, so it is no surprise that their bathroom cupboards are packed with top-of-the-range lotions and potions. However, many feminine stars shun leading brands and delve into their kitchen cupboards instead. Hollywood A-lister Catherine Zeta-Jones recently revealed that she washes her hair with beer to get her lovely shimmering locks.

The Welsh actress, who is committed to Michael Douglas, also divulged a few of her other odd and wonderful beauty tips that are additionally found in the kitchen than on a cosmetics shelf. Ever wondered how she retains her smooth, glowing skin? The Intolerable Cruelty superstar – who transforms 40 this season – moisturises with honey and salt to keep her pores and skin looking more youthful.

Instead of toothpaste, Zeta-Jones uses natural whiteners such as strawberries and apples to purify her canines. Here we uncover other bizarre – and inexpensive – celebrity beauty secrets that will perhaps you have raiding the kitchen cupboards for the next-best-thing. Supermodel Cindy Crawford is a fan of dairy, but as well as drinking it, it is used by the model-turned-actress to cleanse her skin.

According to experts, dairy features cleansing and antimicrobial properties. Lactic acid helps dead skin cells deteriorate. Also reported to be always a believer in the advantages of milk baths is Cameron Diaz, who uses powdered dairy as an exfoliant on her behalf body which is susceptible to acne. Blended with honey, dairy helps your skin to glow.

Besides deploying it to keep her smile white, American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt swears by using toothpaste for spots. If apimple appears, she applies a little amount of toothpaste to it, leaves it right away, and that helps to clear it up. Pretty Woman Julia Roberts has an unusual beauty plan when it comes to nail-care. The Erin Brockovich superstar has been recognized to apply olive oil to her cuticles and toenails.

Soaking your toenails for half an hour in a tiny cup of olive oil can improve brittle, dried nails. Essential olive oil is wonderful for you locks also, skin and diet. You can perform shiny hair using coffee. It’s a popular alternative to hair shampoo for Jennifer Love Hewitt. But caffeine also offers another use – and that is for beating cellulite, in accordance with Halle Berry.

It’s the levels of caffeine in it that helps clear cellulite since it increases blood flow and cellulite relates to poor blood circulation. Desperate Housewives all over Scotland will be checking out this beauty process – if they crave smoother body but don’t brain wasting a a glass or two of wine beverages.

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Teri Hatcher, who stars in the strike US dilemma, is a company believer in pouring some wine into her bathtub. It has an all natural skin softener and exfoliant and wine beverage grapes can draw waste from the physical body. Some spas have introduced the latest ‘vinotherapy’ craze. Pouring a cup of cranberry juice over flowing hair after shampooing can enhance its sparkle. The juice does indeed this by closing the cuticle to add shine. It is said to boost the color of strawberry or red blonde hair. It’s a popular technique adopted by famous brands Nicole Kidman.

Bollywood legend and former Celebrity YOUR GOVERNMENT contestant Shilpa Shetty uses beetroot as a blusher. Salt is great exfoliator: after a bath or shower, sprinkle it on to the hands and rub delicately over the skin to remove dry skin. It also acts instead of mouthwash: mix salt with baking soda in one glass of water and gargle. It’s thought to whiten teeth and remove plaque. If you are prone to bruising, vinegar is thought to help by reducing blueness and speeding up the healing up process. Soak a natural cotton wool ball in white vinegar and apply to the bruised area for an full hour. A yoghurt nose and mouth mask is perfect for soothing tired skin or cooling sunburn. Natural yoghurt to a cleansed face for 15-20 minutes Apply. Adding honey helps moisturise dry skin and, for oily skin, put in a few drops of fresh lime juice. Rinse off with drinking water.