Future Of CIO

The business fails IT, like IT fails business just. Many IT organizations survive in the dark back office still, no wonder, there are both strategic and operational blind spots result in decreasing business productivity and lowering organizational maturity. What exactly are those fatal blind spots and how to avoid them? CIO must be the same “C” at the desk to everyone else.

Respectfully, those CIOs who are too internally concentrated are those which have given IT a negative reputation historically. IT market leaders become an active member of the business enterprise MUST. IT should engage in business more. High performance cannot be achieved unless the IT department increases their act and MUST engage the business, not the geek in the technology tower.

IT often gets criticized since it will not deliver value to the business enterprise and its concentrate is not on the business where it should be. IT must take part in business more to avoid blind places. Indeed, there are blind spots in strategy formulation and execution also. “Blind Spot” is due to too little sufficient resources.

Many companies want to do more with less. Unfortunately, the IT department seems to be main teams to be influenced by any budget slashes. This results in a team that has to spend all their time “putting out fires,” rather than focusing on developing strategies that advance the business and give them a competitive advantage available on the market.

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If IT Departments are going to move in this direction, they MUST alleviate themselves of the mundane, daily jobs that weigh them down. The company’s reputation and success today are founded on innovation and to a very large extent, IT and technology innovation: IT-led innovation has already been regarded as a major contributor to the top line business growth.

If all executives act as a functional manager than mature professionals, keep silo thinking, keep “ownership” arrogance, not stewardship attitude, then, there is no surprise of experiencing blind places in organizational culture. Business functions underpin features, and capabilities underpin strategy, the blind places in business process management shall cause failures in strategy execution.